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What is Localization?

Localization is a process of adapting the content and the product for a specific locale. Localization is more than simply exchanging the words and grammar of one language for those of another. Localization enables your message to be positively received by target audience. Localization ensures that essence of the original is maintained, with consistency in terminology and technical terms.

localizationJust as the saying goes “When you are in Rome, speak like a Roman”, in the business of translation for different culture, localization is important. The picture on the left is an example of Indianization of Japanese culture. Localization is essential for global brand. The relevance of brand to the target market should be communicated in such a way that it speaks the language of customer and connects with them culturally.

What goes in website Localization?

Website Localization goes beyond translation. It includes text and graphic Localization after research into prevalent stylization of language spoken and culture of the of the target audience in the desired market. The entire objective of website Localization is to recreate all or relevant pages of website in local language with modification of text, image, colour and presentation style in such a way that the localized website culturally connects and speaks the language of the customer.

Why website Localization?

Your website done probably in English is well in place and content management system takes care of SEO. Do you know that as per latest estimates, Chinese is ranked number 1, in terms of number of internet users by language? As per study done by world internet stats, English is 2nd with less than 25% of total internet users. This percentage keeps coming down year on year as China, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Middle East countries and India are driving millions of non-English speaking people to the Internet.

Another important reason for website translation is that people who browse their local language sites stay twice as long (Site stickiness) compared to English for both purchase and knowledge on product and service information.

Behind every language there is a unique culture that must be accounted for. This is best done by Localization of image and content.

By turning your website to multilingual website, you get the advantage to gain access to larger target group and enable your communication to resonate with greater impact. You get the competitive advantage and we assure you that the ROI in localizing your website will be great compared cost involved.

Being a leading provider of website localization service from India, we understand the significance of translating a website for multiple cultures. That’s why we engage professional native translators who have domain knowledge and understand the cultural difference in target market. Native translators localize your website in such a way that it reads as original in the target language.

Beyondwordz brings you on table, website Localization process which includes keyword analysis and graphic changes for search engine optimization.Connect your website to global audience and increase ROI.



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