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Advantages Of Transcription Services In The Corporate Sector

Several digital marketing and promotion technologies brands these days use to promote their corporate interests. One of them is transcription services.  It has been established several times over the years that transcription can positively impact a brand in terms of its daily corporate operations or how the brand can preserve or exchange information with its […]

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Growing Demand for Indian Language Translation Services

India has generally been a country with countless states and dialects inside. Being a human advancement state, India has a rich variety of dialects where many dialects are spoken even today. Regarding the estimations of individuals of all dialects speakers, the cutting edge India additionally gives the right portrayal in the constitution. The vital authority […]

4 Reasons Why Human Translation Services Are Better Than Machine Translation

Translation plays a vital role in communication between two businesses, companies, partners, or countries. The mode of translation is important to consider the quality of content. Over the past few years, machine translation has been popular among students who are learning new languages. However, you can’t rely on these machine translation tools for professional content […]

Scholar and linguist Jeffrey Armstrong brings the first decolonized English translation of Bhagavad Gita

Considered as the source of all wisdom and knowledge, Bhagavad Gita is also a literary masterpiece with universal appeal. The book has attracted westerners quite a lot over the centuries and consequence to that love; it has been translated hundreds of times in 75 languages since 1785. However, major hurdle that English translation has seen […]

Expand Your Footprints Into Global Markets With Spanish Translations

If you are planning on expanding your line to a new country, translation services can be of great help. The new market has to understand your company and develop trust. They should feel that your products and services are specifically made for them. This is where professional language translation services come in. Spanish is a […]

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Benefits Of Professional Transcription Services To Business

In today’s world, we find endless meetings, conferences and seminars being conducted on a regular basis. Recording the proceedings of these business events becomes a tedious task. In such a scenario, professional transcription services come into the picture. Transcription is a process of converting speech into a written or electronic text document. Transcription services are […]

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