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Make in India: The role of language in making it happen

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tiger-logo Eyeing to make India the manufacturing hub, Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi reached out to investors with “Make-in-India”slogan on the day of Independence. He channelized his oratory skills with the power of language. There in lay the difference between him and his predecessors.Mr.Modi understood the power of language and used them as a force to transform the mind-set of people. The positive impact of the campaign is already being felt as government is working seriously to remove bottlenecks that come in the way of investment in India be it FDI rules, taxation, infrastructure, land acquisition policy, literacy etc.

The optimism of investors is back now as many global companies are re-working their investment strategies.

Multiply reach with multi-lingual translation.

India can truly become a manufacturing hub due to its mineral wealth and low labour cost as well as abundant work force, apart from technological and managerial skill.

For Indian companies, given the optimism and mood, it is now the right time to launch a full scale global communication to succeed and grow in global market. One of the first steps is globalization of product and services for International market. The next step is to localize the communication by using language and cultural knowledge of different nations to your advantage and initiate website localization.

With less than 30% of Internet users world-wide speaking English as their native language, it does not make any business sense to do global business with your “English Only” Website. The essential needs are website localization in Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic apart from any other regional language of the market where you find the potential exists to succeed.

Product and service information if available for sharing and made interactive in local language and told in a manner which is culturally connecting has the power of increasing traffic to your website. A multilingual website is the solution as the website localized properly will connect culturally and speak in their language. As they say “Think Global. Act Local” Engage with your target audience by speaking in their language and culturally connect by website localization

Let’s take forward “Make-in-India” to make it happen. Make in India and export with “Made in India” stamp.

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