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The significance of accurate translations for international business organization

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Why is “linguistic correctness” of enormous importance for mid-size businesses and entrepreneurs? With an aim to develop internationally diverse and continuously growing client base, it is absolutely necessary to display expressive and meaningful content in the native language as well as foreign language.

More and more companies are identifying the attractive opportunities offered by the global economy. Thus, the business expansion in the foreign markets often represents an extremely profitable business. However, this also involves the necessity to offer the products and services in different languages. Advertisement and marketing operations should reach the potential new customers in their respective native languages so that they understand the respective content properly and trust the company. In order to avoid committing a blunder, a grammatically and content wise correct translation is not only helpful but also essential, however, this is equally difficult.

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Caution, every language has its pitfalls!

A variety of free translation tools and also so called software localization is available for online purchase. Are these offers actually adequate to ensure a linguistically faultless translation and translation pursuant to the meaning of the source text? Simple, but firm answer is: No. Every language has specific peculiarities; for many German expressions, there is often no equivalent. Simple software or easy Internet-Tool does not identify these deviations; it exclusively translates word for word and does not offer any guarantee. Moreover, a translation with such tools is not worth the time and cost; several tools are designed in such a way that they translate a very limited number of words at a time. If one has to translate a large text, for example, entire Website or a particularly extensive agreement, one would have to proceed “bit-by-bit”, which would be troublesome, and anything but cost effective.


While attempting to use software or a tool, embarrassments are inevitable, if it is concerned with promoting or marketing a product, a service or even specific company philosophy in the foreign country. Translation errors lead to loss of numerous customers and thus even lot of money. This has been scientifically proven after number of studies. In extreme cases, the qualitatively defective translations lead to damage to individuals or companies as well as in some circumstances they even lead to legal uncertainties and court cases.


One who needs to translate the documents, product information or service descriptions in foreign languages should always approach a professional specialist translator:

– The translator must know the target language with all its pitfalls and must have a perfect command over it.
– Moreover, the translator must have an extensive subject-specific know-how in the respective domain, or in the Legal, Marketing, Finance, Technology or Medical fields.
– She/he should be in a position to handle complex passages in such a way that the exact meaning of the original content is retained and at the same time it is grammatically correct.


“Linguistic correctness” as guarantee for success!

In order to achieve an exact and perfectly correct result, it is absolutely necessary to get the required content translated to an intended foreign language by professional translator. For the purpose of market development, correct and eloquent translations contribute to establish a quintessentially trusted brand and be present in a positive way, so that good reputation is guaranteed from the beginning.

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