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Are website translation and website localization the same?

The short answer to the above question, or rather the topic is no. Website translationand website localization are not the same. The enunciation of this statement is carriedout in the sections below. Read on to learn more.The terms website translation and website localization are often used interchangeablyby language service providers. But one must never assume […]

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How Do Voiceover Services Help Businesses Thrive?

Do you run a business? Have you started using localized voiceovers to promote your venture and its offerings? If the answer is yes then congratulations! You are miles ahead of your rivals who are yet to fully understand the true potential of localized voiceover services.  If you are yet to use voiceover services then read […]

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Need Simultaneous Interpretation Services? Remember These Tips!

Looking for simultaneous interpretation services so that your upcoming international seminar becomes a success? Then be sure that you are hiring interpreters from a revered agency. Make sure that you have hired a reputed interpretation service provider It is best to seek simultaneous translation services from a revered provider. The reason is that a reputed […]

Enhance Your Online Educational Content With Elearning Translation Services

Recently the increase in popularity of online classes and e-learning content has been quite interesting. One might argue that this is a direct result of the pandemic but that is just partly true. You see the shift from offline (physical) classes and offline learning materials to online classes and e-learning content started taking place since […]

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How Do Doctors Benefit From Medical And Healthcare Translation Services?

Language translation and localization have many applications across all sectors of an economy. Even the healthcare sector has a huge demand for high quality language services offered by leading language translation and localization agencies. For instance, it is no news that medical documents need to render 100 percent accurate information in all languages. The reason […]

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Why Someone Might Need Certified Translation Services?

According to statistical data, one in five certificates or documents submitted for official use are often riddled with inaccurate information or are downright fraudulent!? Instances like the ones mentioned above often arise when professionals use AI-based translation tools to localize a certificate or an official document.  Why shouldn’t you use AI tools to translate certificates […]

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How Do Interpretation Services Assist Entrepreneurs In Their Ventures?

Businesses thrive only when they maintain seamless communication channels with their target audiences by addressing linguistic barriers. There are many ways that businesses can adopt when it comes to efficiently communicating with their target audiences. One of them is availing interpretation services. How do interpretation services assist entrepreneurs in their ventures? Providers of professional interpretation […]

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Expert Tips For Localizing A Business Website

Your business website is the digital doorway for your current and prospective customers. Hence, it is your duty as an entrepreneur to ensure that your business website offers a top-of-the-line experience to your clients.  The best way to enhance the overall feel, aesthetics and experience of your business website is to let experts associated with […]

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Here’s How You Can Select The Best Proofreading Agency

You might be the best content writer, digital marketing professional, author or screenplay writer however, since you are human, it is natural for your literary work to have some degree of typographical errors. And if you publish your literary work(s) with typographical errors, you might lose your reputation or simply put your professional reputation at […]

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ChatGPT – Not The Solution Or A Problem But A Mere Tool For The Translation Industry!

ChatGPT was launched back in November of 2022 by OpenAI. In a short time, the technology attained viral popularity across the globe and if the current trends hold, it is evident that ChatGPT is here to stay. So what exactly is ChatGPT? Well, for the uninitiated, as per the leading quality assurance expert of a […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Scientific Localization Services

Science has been the foundation of the modern world. Without science and the global scientific community, the world as we know it and often take for granted would not even exist. The global scientific community consists of scientists and academic professionals from all corners of the world. Hence, it is no surprise that the global […]

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