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Why is the demand for Spanish translation in India rising exponentially?

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There are about 400 million Spanish speakers across the globe. But contrary to the accepted belief, there is nothing like a single spoken Spanish: varied dialects have evolved in various regions of the globe where Spanish is utilized. Not only is the Spanish-speaking community a strong one but it is exponentially increasing in India and other Asian countries, making Spanish translation a vital component in businesses, media, and other domains.

Categorically understanding the stats of India, more than 4000 people are learning Spanish in India every year. The number is increasing rapidly because schools are opting for it as a second language alongside MBA, Hotel Management and tourism institutes are offering it as second language. This is not only because students try to have multilingual exposure but also because the Spanish are setting up lots of businesses in India which urges the youth to take it under their curriculum.

An Invest India blog on June 26, 2023 states that the Embassy of India, Spain is putting a focus on IT, logistics, and infrastructure sectors where 75 Spanish companies were present in the event- ‘India Advantage: Synergies and Opportunities for Spanish companies in India.

Below are some pointers that will narrow down the areas where the importance of Spanish translation lies-

  • Increasing numbers of Spanish speakers in India as well as Asia as a whole- With the number of students learning Spanish and showing interest in learning Spanish, the number will increase exponentially over the coming decade and this will make them the future of India where employers of great businesses will hire the best Spanish interpretation services to provide their businesses a great exposure to the Spanish culture, resulting in increased revenue.
  • Spanish education is on the rise- One grave reason why Spanish translation services in businesses are increasing is that the language continues to multiply in the education sector. As more and more induction is happening of the language at the school level, more inclusions are being felt in businesses, books, and media in India and adjoining Asian countries. And as the industry sectors are adopting the language, people have to keep the demand. This is where English to Spanish translation services are expected to help the industries to touch new heights in overseas deals.
  • Social Media and its global reach- Imagine small and medium businesses in Mumbai, India trying to gauge the Spanish market abroad. It is evident that those businesses won’t be able to catch up with the demands according to them. This is because they not only have to translate and incorporate those changes in their services, but they have to curate their products according to their culture. This would be possible only if they collaborate with Spanish translation services in Mumbai, who are professionals and provide end-to-end support. Services like these provide support not only in media outreach but also in website curation and other content.

At the end of the day, we all know how social media (eg. Facebook and Instagram) influences the target customers for businesses across the world. The presence of 31% of Instagram’s 13.1 million Spanish-speaking users who prefer Spanish content makes it a potential place for businesses to deliver curated content. The professional Spanish translation services ensure that they provide the best curated content so that non-native businesses able to easily penetrate that target market segments.

  • Assist businesses to keep up with trends- As businesses strive today ahead in their game with the trends of the utilization of Spanish, their need for Spanish interpretation services as well as localization also continues to grow. Professional Spanish translation services provide an end-to-end solution to businesses that involve-
  • Marketing materials localization- Since Spanish is the official language of 20 countries, marketing materials for a business would need to be curated according to each country. By localizing content to a region, businesses have a chance to tap into the wider market across the globe.
  • Finance localization- Finance is a big deal for any business and hence its accurate localization is very important. This is where English to Spanish translation services pitch in because numbers can be put into words by English speakers easily, but conveying that into Spanish to the natives poses a challenge because it’s not only the language but the currency as well.
  • Video localization- It is evident that businesses utilize YouTube to be their medium for customer attraction. Secondly, one in every two smartphone users considers mobile video ads to be their mode of getting information. This makes it the key element that penetrates the wider market to convert Spanish-speaking consumers.