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Software localization: helping software companies improve the way they do business

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The advent of globalization has triggered the need for companies to ensure that their software is able to “communicate” properly to its users, regardless of language or location. Software localization does just this. Rather than translate the original language of the interface on the target market, you also have to contextualize the nuances of cultural content and technical issues to a specific audience.


Software localization is a major undertaking and that all content, whether web pages, documentation and user manuals, with respect linguistic, and cultural and regulatory requirements of the audience and industry. There are many things to consider, such as the computer coded texts follow the right direction of writing, spelling and capitalization, or the input fields (names, dates, etc.) follow the conventions of that country particular.

Companies that specialize in software localization cover all details diminutive of localization process, ensuring that translations are 100 percent accurate and that the content is properly contextualize. By investing in these services, software developers can ensure that their customers are able to use your product more efficiently. This, in turn, can reduce the burden of software developers in terms of customer service, additional services and overheads.

In addition, software localization services help companies gain a competitive advantage because of the huge software market worldwide. By making the effort to ensure that users get the most out of your software, companies are able to transmit their professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction, setting the stage for a better global marketing.

Shakti Enterprise has a dedicated team of project managers, localization engineers and technical experts to deal with all the location of mobile and web applications in any international language.

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