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What are the best practices followed by translation service providers?

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Running a business is quite the task these days. The advent of the internet and with it, the ease of expanding a venture overseas made the global corporate sector a place of cutthroat competition.

However, if one is clever enough and makes the best use of modern-day tools like translation services then they can surely beat all odds and see to it that their venture is on the fast track of growth, in no time!

In this context, it is best to learn about how one can choose a translation company among the countless service providers available worldwide.

Well, the answer to the aforementioned conundrum is simple – 

All one would have to do is hire a provider of translation services in Mumbai (or in any other city for that matter) that follows the business practices mentioned below – 

An internal needs assessment will be carried out before work on the project commences

The ideal translation agency will carry out a detailed internal needs assessment of its client. The people handling the account will take their time to formulate a questionnaire where pertinent and business-critical questions will be asked such as – 

  • What are the target languages the client is willing to use to translate the content of their enterprise?
  • Does the client wish to cover the local dialects of the target language as well?
  • Does the client feel that it would help their enterprise if they offer the target segment localized content?
  • What are the types of content that the client wishes to translate? 
  • Will the project consists of translating soft and hard copies of business-critical documents? 
  • Will the project consist of translating promotional collateral like demo videos, website landing page content or product launch collateral?
  • What will be the formats of the source content that would need to be translated?

The translation process will be planned properly

Every translation project must begin with a brainstorming session.

During this session, the translation experts will sit down with their client in a bid to create a bespoke plan that would suit the unique requirements of the brand, enterprise, product or service. 

The translation plan will also outline the many regulations that the team of translators working on the project would have to follow in a bid to keep the translated content free from aspects that may or may not hurt the socio-political or religious sentiments of the target market segment. 

Proper planning of the translation process is crucial as it would allow an enterprise to steer clear of lawsuits and subsequent damages to its reputation.

The progress on the project will be conveyed to the client in real-time

The ideal translation service provider will make sure that all translation procedures take place in a coordinated fashion. The ideal translation agency will also make sure that consistency is maintained throughout all documents they are translating on behalf of their client. 

Word-for-word translation will be avoided in a bid to make the translated document or digital content appear or sound more natural.


Indian entrepreneurs are slowly but surely understanding the importance of translation services. It is one of the most effective ways of promoting and expanding a business. Hence, the demand for reliable translation companies is on the rise. If the person reading this post is an entrepreneur who has been looking for a trustworthy translation agency then they should consider consulting the experts associated with Shakti Enterprise. It is an ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, DIN 15038 and NISC-CRISIL SE3B rated translation agency. Furthermore, it is an active member of the Indian Translation Association, American Translation Association and International Federation of Translators. To learn more, one can call +91-9673044944 or send an email to


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