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Benefits of healthcare translation services at a glance

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healthcare translation services

India is a land of diversity which is why; it is no news that the nation’s people speak countless languages with each language having its unique regional dialects!

Much like the rest of the world, India has adopted English as the preferred language of corporate communication but that doesn’t mean that the common masses of India are proficient in English.

This linguistic barrier often comes in the way of service providers and their patrons. One such sector that often falls prey to linguistic hurdles is the healthcare sector.

Healthcare institutions try their best to deliver impeccable healthcare facilities to the common person but language barriers often come in the way. Impeccable communication between healthcare workers and their patients is a necessity and that can be achieved when a healthcare institution takes help from an agency that offers healthcare translation services.

The benefits of healthcare translation services are many and this post in the following sections will shed light on some of them.

Here goes –

Healthcare translation services can save people’s lives

When a person is sick and is in urgent need of medical assistance then time is a limited resource available to healthcare professionals. In such instances, there can be no level of misunderstanding between the patient and the healthcare professional.

To keep misunderstandings at bay, healthcare institutions need to have a strong partnership with a revered translation agency that specialises in providing healthcare translation services.


Well, with the help of a translation agency that specialises in healthcare translation services, medical institutions can make the best use of accurate transcriptions of conversations between the patient and the doctor in charge especially when the patient is speaking in a language that is not known by the healthcare institution staff.

Healthcare translation services can help keep misunderstandings at bay so that accurate diagnosis and treatment of the sick can be carried out thus ensuring that the healthcare institution won’t lose its reputation in the aftermath of a misdiagnosis.

In short, with the help of healthcare translation services, healthcare institutions can save more lives, especially in the emergency wards.

Healthcare institutions can save time with healthcare translation services

Providers of healthcare translation services can help healthcare institutions to save time. Often, healthcare institutions come across patients and their loved ones who don’t speak the languages that the healthcare institution staff members are proficient in.

In such cases, the healthcare institution’s upper management may scramble to search for a translator. This can take a lot of time which can be detrimental to the reputation of the healthcare institution as the patient may suffer further injuries or perish.

Hence, having a strong partnership with a revered translation agency that specialises in healthcare translation services can allow a healthcare institution to jump right into action after communicating with the translation agency over the telephone, internet or by taking help from a medical translator sent on-site by the translation agency.

The result is simple – the patient gets the best medical care even when the healthcare professionals are unable to understand a single word coming out of the patient’s mouth.

It is one of the easiest ways to improve patient care at a medical institution

Translation services can help a healthcare institution to boost its productivity by many folds which in turn improves patient care.

It is no news that documentation of patient health history plays a big part in the healthcare sector. With the help of a translation agency that uses the latest translation technology, a healthcare institution will be able to accurately document patient health history by eradicating language barriers.

Properly translated medical documents allow medical professionals to carry out their duties efficiently as they can correctly diagnose the ailment of a patient from a transcript of the patient’s health records and health questionnaires.

Medical translation agencies also ensure that the questions asked by doctors are understood by their patients who may or may not speak the language(s) the healthcare professional is proficient in.

In simple words, with the help of a revered translation agency that offers medical translation services, conversations between patients and healthcare professionals will run seamlessly thus contributing to improved healthcare services rendered to the ill.


If one is looking for a reliable firm that offers healthcare translation services then they should consult with Shakti Enterprise. It is a reputed translation agency that has ISO 9001:2008 management certification and DIN EN 15308 translation certification. The agency is also CRISIL Credit Rating certified. The tariff for healthcare translation services offered by the company is also reasonable.

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