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Translate Documents From English To Arabic Before Expanding Your Business In The UAE

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UAE is a member of the World Trade Organization as well as OPEC.

Dubai is the most preferred destination for entrepreneurs who want to expand their corporate interests in the UAE.

MNCs, SMEs as well as start-ups choose Dubai as it is the hub of UAE’s economic diversification. Dubai has a bustling tourism sector and an ultramodern construction sector.

Hence, construction conglomerates, designers and revered architects choose to set up their respective headquarters in Dubai. Furthermore, Dubai has multiple free-trade zones. These zones offer tax concessions and custom-duty benefits to ex-pat entrepreneurs. Hence, it is easy to see why business people tend to come over to Dubai without giving their decision a second thought!

But entrepreneurs must remember that they would need assistance from legal firms to ensure that their businesses in the UAE are on the right side of the law.

On top of this, one must ensure that all the legal documents of their business are translated as well as localized to Arabic before they even plan to look for office space in Dubai or in any other location in the UAE.

Why translate business documents to Arabic?

The official language of the UAE is Arabic. The language is used in the city’s government, administrative as well as legal sectors. On top of this, the language is also used in the UAE’s publications like online newspapers and books.

Hence all legal documents would need to be subjected to professional-grade English to Arabic translation services.

Furthermore, when an entrepreneur expands their enterprise on a global scale, they have to understand that they would have to communicate with their local – 

  • Employees
  • Partners and
  • Clients in the local language which in this case is Arabic.

Hence, all business-related documents like – 

  • Employee handbooks
  • Instruction manuals
  • Internal memos
  • Patents (if applicable)
  • Business licenses
  • Certifications 
  • Privacy policies
  • End User License Agreements, etc. have to be translated and localized to Arabic.

All legal documents will be free from errors

Legal documents need to be error-free and with the help of agencies that offer professional-grade legal document translation services, this objective can be achieved easily.

Translation and localization of legal documents are critical especially when the source language is as complex as Arabic. Linguists associated with Arabic language service providers will see to it that the documents are culturally appropriate and at the same time, conform to the corporate laws followed in the target nation.

Furthermore, hiring professional linguists specializing in Arabic legal certified translation services would help an entrepreneur ensure their business expansion plans in the UAE don’t fail.

Financial documents will be error-free as well

Entrepreneurs would also need to consult with language service providers before they begin their corporate operations in the UAE. The reason is that all financial documents pertaining to the enterprise in question have to be translated into Arabic as well. Normally the following kinds of financial documents need to be translated into Arabic before a foreign entity can do business in the UAE – 

  • Profit and loss statements
  • Personal contact information
  • Salary slips
  • Bank statements
  • Employment verifications
  • Pay stubs and related financial documents.


To sum it all up, before expanding a business to the UAE or in nations where Arabic is the primary language, entrepreneurs must ensure that all legal documents are translated as well as localized using Arabic as the target language. For more details, one must consult with the relationship manager of a reputed language service provider in their vicinity today.

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