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All You Need To Know About WhatsApp Marketing Content Translation

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One of the latest tools that help brands easily set up strong and long-lasting personalized communication channels with their target audience segments is WhatsApp translation.

WhatsApp Business is a specially created messenger app created for brands but there have been countless instances where it was found that the success rates of promotional content sent through WhatsApp Business accounts are not on par with an entrepreneur’s expectations. This is where agencies that offers WhatsApp translation services in Mumbai or any location for that matter, have to be contacted.

How does the WhatsApp translation service work?

All the owner of a brand has to do is provide their preferred language service provider with the messages they want to share with their clients through WhatsApp Business.

After that, the owner of the brand has to share with their preferred WhatsApp translation agency the goals that the former wants to achieve with their WhatsApp campaign.

The next step is to make the language service provider aware of the target location for the WhatsApp messaging campaign in a bid to ensure that the content of the messages will be translated and subsequently localized so that the content feels relevant to the target audience.

After the language service provider gathers all pertinent information, native linguists who speak the target language(s) will be tasked to complete the project. After the localization and translation of the original content have been completed, the project will then fall into the hands of the editing and proofreading department where strict quality assurance protocols will ensure the quality of the content is on par with the bespoke requirements of the brand.

The final step is the delivery of the content so that the brand can readily send the same to its intended current and prospective clients.

It is as simple as that!

Benefits of translating WhatsApp marketing content

WhatsApp translation services offer local, national and multinational brands a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are mentioned in the sections below.

  • Multilingual WhatsApp marketing content, just like other forms of translation and localization services allows a brand to improve the overall experience for its customers.
  • WhatsApp translation services also allow brands to create a consistent image among their international, local and national target market segments.
  • WhatsApp translation services compared to other forms of online marketing tools is cheaper. Hence, cash-strapped enterprises, start-ups and small-scale brands can keep their respective marketing costs down.
  • The overall revenue-generating capabilities of start-ups and small-scale enterprises can be boosted using WhatsApp marketing content translation services by many folds.
  • WhatsApp Marketing content translation services allow brands to enjoy unhindered growth and keep potential customers interested in their products or services.
  • WhatsApp marketing content translation agencies also ensure that they can translate content into all known Indian and global languages. Reputed agencies tend to have a huge network of in-house and remote linguists who are native speakers of Indian and global languages. Hence, irrespective of the target language, the WhatsApp Business campaign will yield promising results.
  • WhatsApp marketing content translation service providers also guarantee brands that the latter’s WhatsApp campaigns will be created according to the template guidelines provided by Meta – the parent company of the WhatsApp Business app. 
  • WhatsApp corporate messages are ideal for informing clients about delivery updates, order confirmations, ticket availability, event reminders as well as billing notifications. Reputed agencies will ensure that content is created in a manner that fulfils the above-mentioned goals so that confusion are kept at bay.

For more details, it would be best to consult our WhatsApp marketing content translation team at your earliest convenience.


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  • Samuel Joseph says:

    This blog post is quite informative and highlights the importance of WhatsApp translation services for brands looking to effectively communicate with their target audience. It is interesting to learn that WhatsApp Business, a messenger app designed for brands, has not always yielded the expected results in terms of promotional content, but that translation and localization services can greatly improve the success rate of WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

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