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What is certificate translation? What types of certificates need translation?

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Certificate translation should be at the top of one’s to-do list especially when one wants to fast track their eligibility to work or reside in another nation.

There are a lot of people who do not have any idea about certificate translation services. This post is designed to shine a light on the topic and hopefully make people aware of its importance.

Here goes.

What is certificate translation?

The translation of legal and personal documents (certificates) from the source language to the target language(s) is certificate translation.

What’s the purpose of translating certificates?

The purpose of availing certified certificate translation services is simple.

With the help of expert linguists, the original tone and intent of a certificate are conveyed properly all the while considering legal differences followed in the target location.

Certificate translation is one of the oldest forms of localization and it has been used by people and organizations for centuries.

Isn’t that intriguing?

Types of certificates that may need to be translated

All forms of certificates can be translated. However, the most common types of certificates that need to be translated are mentioned in the sections below.

Marriage Certificates Translation

Whether one wants to move to the US from India or to the latter from the former, they would have to translate their marriage certificate, given one is married. Certificates translated by reputed language service providers ensure that the original information of the source document remains unaltered even if it is provided in a different language. Furthermore, renowned language service providers will also ensure that the original look of the certificate is also transferred to the translated document.

Death Certificates Translation

Death certificates may need to be translated when one is facing inheritance issues as their relative is a resident of a foreign land. Death certificate translations are also required when life insurance companies are unable to make the head or tail of a death certificate that is written in a different language which is not known to them thereby keeping them from awarding compensation to the beneficiaries.

Immigration certificates

Certificate translation services play an important role when people want to emigrate from their home nation to another nation. Without translated immigration certificates, one’s application to emigrate will get rejected.

Legal certificates

Legal certificates need to be translated when international brands are relocating their entire base of operations from one nation to another. Without properly translated legal certificates, businesses won’t be able to secure a green light from the authorities of the target location to relocate and start their corporate operations. Furthermore, legal certificates also need to be translated when they become one of the primary pieces of evidence for court cases taking place on foreign soil. Without a properly translated legal document, wrong judgements can be passed that ultimately would adversely affect diplomatic relations, national security and the lives of individuals directly associated with the legal proceeding(s).

Academic certificates

If students have secured a place on their university’s student exchange program or they are planning to pursue their education in another nation then they would have to ensure that all of their academic documents are translated into the local or at least the national language of the target location. This would make life easy for the student.


Certificate translation projects entail complex translation processes. Furthermore, certificate translation projects demand patience and linguistic finesse from linguists. These qualities can only be found in professional certified translators associated with prominent language service providers like us. To discuss a project or to learn about the Unique Selling Points of our certified translation services, get in touch with Shakti Enterprise.

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