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Top 9 Website Localization Tools to use for Effective Results

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website localization tools

Website localization is the big thing that is happening in the business world. In the time of globalization, companies need to find ideal ways to reach potential clients and customers. Website localization services use modern translation or localization tools that make the localization of website easy and accurate.

Website localization is an intimidating proposition for marketers. In addition to finding qualified and best website translation services ensuring that your localized website has a cultural presence, you also need to deal with technical considerations.

Translation and localization companies are using modern automated tools that make the process accurate and matches the taste of the targeted region.

Once the website is launched, it is the duty of the designer and translation service to offer backend help in quickly translating the website according to the targeted audience.

With the use of sophisticated tools, localization and translation process is done without blowing away strong budget.

Let us now check some of the website localization tools that can really make the process accurate:

  1. Computer Assisted Translation (CAT):

    One of the widely used website translation tools, CAT helps in processing translation files and improving efficiency. By using this tool, the process of translation increases by remembering what and how you translated the content before. There are some popular CAT tools like SDL Trados Studio, MemoQ, DejaVu and Across. The tool also shows user partial matches, making it easier for the translator. Website translators are well-trained to use this tool effectively and make the process faster.

  2. Translation Management Systems:

    One of the effective website translation software, TMS allows the user to automate much of the translation process. It is majorly used for project management aspect. Sometimes for the project manager, the number of files, varying languages and translators may become overwhelming. It helps the user to manage the translation job, different vendors and also apply for different workflows. During the desktop publishing or localization engineering, the project manager doesn’t have to spend time on moving files. If the API integration between TMS and CMS enables team for selective push and pull content for translation within few minutes.

  3. Centralized Language Assets:

    Once the content of the website is translated and the site is localized, you can use centralized language assist to save time. You can create centralized translation memory database of all the glossary will ensure that your content is consistent across all sites. Moreover, with this tool, a team will have real-time access to glossary and translation memory.

  4. Term-Base:

    In website language translation, term-base ha a specific purpose. It is a glossary created for branding and language purpose. This tool is used to ensure that appropriate words are used of translation of specific terms. The database of the glossary can be saved in universal TBX format, CSV and XLS files. Many translation companies are now using Term Base to help using specific translation work.

  5. Quality Assurance Tools:

    Similar to the term base, quality assurance tools also work for verifying translations. The tool can cover terminology, number, trademarks, consistent translation and more. It is customizable and tailored for different brands and terminologies. One of the popular tools used by translation services is the SDL Multi-term. However, learning about the features of this tool is important.  The quality of document has to be of high quality. This is to make sure that the document has quality translated content.

  6. Bug Tracking Platform:

    For testers, this is the platform to report bugs and content error during the website translation process. Any error in website content can lead to a problem in future. So the translator by using bug tracking platform can test the content translated. JIRA and Redmine are two important tools. It is also a great platform to collaborate with customers.

  7. Machine Translation:

    Machine translation software is the biggest tool used by translation companies. The machine translation process allows faster translation of website content, with minimum chance of error. These are not free tools and come with advanced features to make the process of translation rich with right phrases and glossary. This tool is also used as the statistical technique to improve the accuracy.  These machine translation tools are used by professional translators for an accurate result.

  8. File Sharing, Management, and Version Control:

    File sharing tools are used widely in content translation. These tools enable users to share the file with the team on a real-time basis. These cloud service tools include Mediafire, Dropbox & Google Drive. Furthermore, with the use of version control and management tool brings more benefits. Version Control allows the user to get revision log and gives access to the older versions. By using these tools, the user can save time and energy.

  9. Desktop Publishing Tools:

    This is the commonly used tool in localization and is also known as DTP. The tool is used in collaboration with clients, as localization engineers can edit the content. However, the user must have technical knowledge of Adobe and other such tools. These further helps in modifying the content and also helps in preparing including packaging, marketing assets, and manuals.


A professional translation online service uses these and more such tools to ensure that the content is finely structured and translated to meet the need of website and target audience.

Shakti Enterprise, one of the leading website localization services uses high-end tools and software to make the content accurate. Backed by rich experience, tools, and translators, SE takes up the project of website language translation and does it with perfection.

If you are looking forward to translating your existing content to reach out global audience, then BBA is the right one to hire.

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