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7 Things to know about Marketing Translation Services

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marketing translation Services

Global companies are now shifting their marketing strategies to a whole new level. The main aim of these companies is to speak the customer language and adopt the local culture that would push their product to the target audience. In order to achieve success globally, an organization needs to work on implementing the holistic approach, and the translation of marketing material is one such approach. However, the language translation done by professional translation service should carry engaging tone and language that can send the message to the market. Handing over the job to marketing translation services is a right decision you can take to make the process easy and take off the burden. It is very important for the company to utmost care while translating the marketing materials, because if marketing translation went wrong, it can bring negative effect towards the product.

The process of marketing involves marketing content including- ad copy, social media post, and video scripts. These materials should be translated into local language and dialects that would fulfill the need of both customer and company. However, the entire process of marketing translation is different. Let us get a view on it:

Marketing Translation requires a different approach:

Marketing translation is equal to the creative translation which requires the whole set of different approach and mindset. The translator needs to find ways of communicating with a business tone and language. This is a crucial part because what appeals to one set of audience, won’t appeal to another set of audience. The translator needs to check if the material doesn’t offend the readers. So handing over the job to marketing and advertising translation services which has years of experience is the best decision you can take.

Reasons why Marketing Translation is Important:

Whether your business belongs to B2B or B2C, your company needs a marketing translation service that can push your brand further. Some of the reasons are-

  • Creates Influence in Purchase:

According to the Common Sense Advisory study report, 75 percent of English speakers prefer buying products those markets in the native language. So the businessmen need to work upon the language to promote the product and create influence among buyers.

  • Improving the experience of Native Brand:

Localization and translation are two different sets of the process and in B2B business it is important to understand the difference. Translation is to make the business partner comfortable in understanding the language, whereas the localization is about understanding the behaviors, values, and tradition of the location. Your website and marketing materials should carry right translated slang or tone that matches with nativity.

Let us now check 7 important things to know about Marketing Translation:

  1. Check if the Service can communicate:

Marketing is all about communicating with your target audience and requires precise understanding. If you don’t have required budget for in-house translation team, then handing over the job to marketing translation service is the best decision to take. However, you need to know if it has the ability to communicate with the audience. Professional advertising translation services understand the crux of audience and business and accordingly translate the material for a better result. From dialect and age group to the concept and language, everything matters.

  1. Adding Humour:

Using straight language with no add-ons is a boring marketing concept. The team has to work upon current trends and humor to add on. Professional translation team takes up the challenge of being funny in a foreign language and different culture.

  1. Multi-Language or Single Language:

A translation service would either offer Single language or multiple languages. So you need to check what language does the translation service would translate the material. If your business goal is to market in different places globally, then hiring multiple language translation service providers is the right decision. Whether it is for the Chinese, Spanish or French market, consider the language service offered.

  1. Ask for the copy of Translation Memory:

When hiring a translation company, ask for the copy of your Translation Memory, a file that contains the memory of phrases between languages. It matters a lot because TM reduces the cost of future translation and you can save at least 30-50% of the total cost.

  1. Use of Right Image and Colours:

Marketing translation is not just about using words, but also about imagery and right colors that can send out the message accurately. However, as words can have negative and positive contexts, image and colors can too have similar faith. So the translation company should carry a proper knowledge about of using right imagery and colors that give the right message.

  1. Considering Culture and Traditions:

When translating the marketing product, one has to consider the tradition and cultural belief of the target region. Moreover, the company also need to take extra care on the brand name to use in the non-English region. The translation company needs to research the specific region and accordingly work upon the translation process. Use of right words and slang matters a lot to ensure quality result at the end.

  1. Improving Brand Presence:

One of the important things to know about marketing translation services is its ability to improve the brand presence in the new market. There are already many brands working hard to make their mark in the region, so competing with them is a challenge. So the translation company along with the marketing team of the respective company need to work hand-in-hand to improve the brand presence in the new region.


Marketing involves many things, and the translation is one of the parts which require extra attention and experienced mind. So hiring a professional company like Shakti Enterprise, one of the leading marketing translation services, makes it viable enough to take up the challenge. Being the creative translation service in Delhi, Shakti Enterprise enjoys a good experience and backup of an expert team to guide clients in gaining a strong foothold in new region or horizon. With use modern translating tool, it has become easier for experts to translate materials in the respective language.

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