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Top 5 Translation Companies In India

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According to linguists associated with providers of certified translation services, translation is the process of converting text written in one language to another language.

The applications of translation in the modern world are many but the primary one is to convey promotional and marketing messages to target local and global target audiences in languages that are prevalently used in the target location(s).

The benefits of translation services available for SMEs, established enterprises and start-ups are many. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • With the help of revered translation companies, brands that entered into a foreign market segment can keep themselves from being alienated by prospective clients as people tend to gravitate towards businesses that offer marketing messages in local languages. The reason is simple. A brand that treads the extra mile of translating its promotional collateral using local prominent languages is automatically labeled as a ‘customer-centric’ entity.
  • Translation companies in India also help local, global and start-up brands to reposition themselves in the market by promoting their respective products and services in all prominent national as well as global languages.
  • Translation companies also pave the way for businesses to remain sustainable during unstable market conditions.

If the person reading this post is looking to partner up with a veteran Language Service Provider specializing in offering translation services then they can choose from the following list.

Shakti Enterprises


It is a leading translation company in India with ISO 9001:2015 management certification and DIN EN 15308 translation certification. The agency has been in business for decades and has a stellar client base consisting of MNCs like – 

  • WNS Global Services Pvt.Ltd.
  • Vodafone
  • Walmart
  • Pfizer Ltd.

The agency is also a permanent member of the American Translators Association, the International Federation of Translators and the Indian Translators Association.

Bhasha Bharati Arts


Bhasha Bharati Arts is yet another certified language service provider that has been offering its language services to Indian and multinational enterprises since 1968. The agency is preferred by Indian and multinational advertising and public relations agencies as well as FMCG companies since BBA is ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN 1508 certified. The agency is also a longstanding member of the American Translators Association and has a presence in top Indian metro cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi NCR.

Mars Translation


Mars Translation is a new Language Service Provider but its popularity is quickly increasing with each passing year. The professional-grade translation services offered by the agency cover all known Indian languages. The agency also has a team of remote linguists who are native speakers of prominent internationally recognized languages. Bespoke tariffs, short deadlines and quality assurance guarantees are some of the many Unique Selling Points of this language service provider.

Beyond Wordz


BeyondWordz ranks third in terms of popularity and performance as a translation service provider on a national level in India. The translation and localization agency has been assisting MNCs, SMEs, and start-ups reach their respective corporate goals for more than 30 years. The agency has a huge in-house team of linguists who are native speakers of all the languages the agency covers. 



Tridindia has been associated with the translation scene of India for a while. The agency is often hailed as the best place for linguists looking for employment opportunities. At the same time, past and present clients often sing songs of praise about the agency on all leading online portals. The certified agency has a strict linguist onboarding process. Furthermore, the agency follows strict quality assurance protocols. The Language Service Provider also offers reasonably priced and quality-assured – 

  • Dubbing Services
  • Localization Services
  • Content Writing services and more!

To learn more about the Language Service Providers mentioned in this post, the reader can click on the website mentioned above.

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