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Everything You Need to Know About Patent Translation

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This is the age of internet-based globalization. To make your business serve the interests of a global client base, you would need to ensure that your business has penetrated the untapped global market segments. The best way to achieve this is to hire a veteran translation agency.

Apart from ensuring marketing collateral is translated and localized, language service providers also help out entrepreneurs keep the intellectual property rights of their ventures protected through patent protection.

What are patents?

In simple words, patents are the territorial rights for a service, product, idea or invention. The owner of the patent has exclusive rights but those rights will hold in the nation where the patent was granted in the first place.

What is patent translation?

Patent translation falls under document translation services offered by language service providers. The definition is as follows.

The process of translating patent documents from one language to a target language is known as patent translation.

Importance of patent translation

Patent translation lets entrepreneurs obtain patent protection when they are running their business operations in foreign market segments. Obtaining patent protection cannot begin without filing. And the filing process can only begin after patent documents are translated into the official language of the nation where the entrepreneur is planning to obtain patent protection.

Without patent translation services, brands can face consequences like the ones mentioned below – 

  • Delays in projects 
  • Increased overhead costs
  • Theft of product or service ideas
  • Inaccuracies in patent information
  • Losing clients to rivals
  • Unfounded legal consequences
  • Inability to obtain receive patent protection
  • Inability to obtain exclusive rights and
  • Financial losses.

Benefits of patent translation services

  • Patent translation services offer entrepreneurs the ability to protect their services, inventions, technologies and products patent protected.
  • Revered language service providers have a global network of certified and experienced linguists who are native speakers of all important global target languages. 
  • Furthermore, these linguists specialize in patent translation services
  • On top of this, patent translators associated with reputed language service providers remain updated with the patent laws of nations. Hence, finesse and accuracy are maintained when they are translating patents for a business.
  • Obtaining exclusive rights for your business is made easy when you hire patent translators from reputed language service providers.

Shakti Enterprises is the best patent translation agency in India

Shakti Enterprise has a dedicated department for patent translation projects run by a select team of certified patent translation experts.

Our patent translation experts are capable of making sense of the jargon used in patent documents. At the same time, our patent translation project supervisors see to it that patent translation projects are adhering to the norms and intricacies of the client’s sector.

We are capable of delivering three forms of patent translation services. They are mentioned below.

  • Patent translation for prior art
  • Patent translation for litigation proceedings
  • Patent translation for foreign filing

The process of availing our patent translation process is simple as well. All the client has to do is provide us with pertinent documents for patents like –

  • Datasheets
  • Invention summaries, etc.

Then we should be made aware of the target language(s) and target location(s). After that, a rough quote will be offered to the client. When the client agrees with the quote, we proceed with the project. 

We have been associated with the localization and translation sector for decades. We have a stellar online and offline reputation. We are always by the side of our clients when they need to navigate the complexities of patent translation or patent localization. 

Let us help you through the challenges of translating patents +91-9673844144

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