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Steps Linguists Follow While Translating Content From English to Spanish

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Translation of promotional collateral like website landing page content or blogs and articles through which products or services are promoted is the norm these days.

Sure, but why translate content from English to Spanish?

Well, for starters, Spanish is the official language for more than 450 million people in the world. On top of this, close to 180 million people learn Spanish in a bid to communicate with their international clients. 

Furthermore, in terms of popularity, Spanish follows Mandarin as an international language in the global corporate world. It means that brands with plans to expand their interests around the world choose Spanish, alongside Mandarin and other international languages like Russian, French, etc. 

If one is not feeling convinced yet then one should also remember that Spanish is the official language in 22 countries and it has many dialects. Hence, it is natural for entrepreneurs to avail Spanish translation services offered by leading Language Service Providers.

Why translate marketing/promotional content?

Content translation bridges linguistic barriers by conveying the marketing message for a product or service in a language spoken in the target locale. 

Furthermore, translating content ensures that the final continent is socially, and culturally appropriate. At the same time, translation services make sure that the translated content picks at the emotional strings of the target audience thereby allowing the brand to localise itself in the process.

Steps that linguists follow while translating content from English to Spanish

The top Language service provider specialising in English-to-Spanish translation services would hand over the project(s) to their in-house team of native Spanish linguists. These linguistic experts then would follow the steps mentioned below in a bid to translate content that is on par with the international standards and the unique requirements of the client.

Linguists understand and adapt their translation process to meet cultural differences

Native Spanish Linguists associated with veteran language service providers specializing in Spanish Language Translation Services pay attention to the cultural differences between English and Spanish-speaking target audiences. If this step is not followed then the target audience might perceive the tone of the translated text to be indirect, condescending or patronizing and linguists try their best to avoid this from happening!

Linguists design the translated text to fit the space assigned in the digital space

The grammatical density of English is higher when compared to Spanish. It means that a lot of information can be conveyed in a few words or a few sentences when the language is English. It also means that one would have more than 25% empty space at their disposal to fit lengthy Spanish sentences.

To put things into perspective, if one translated a 500 words website landing page content to Spanish then the final word count would be in the ballpark of around 700 words. Hence, linguists take the necessary steps to design the sentences by working on their structures in a bid to fit the translated copy all the while ensuring the available design and character limitations do not exceed. If this step is not taken then one would not have enough space for headers, call-to-action buttons, and related content.

Linguists select the right dialect in a bid to target the specific audience

Spanish has many dialects that are prevalent in regions as well as nations where Spanish is the national language. Linguists would see to it that the translated content is using the right Spanish dialect in a bid to make the content localized from the beginning. This step makes it easy for the client to get returns on their investment from the moment the translated content goes live.


It is easy to conclude from the above sections that translating content from English to Spanish is a complex, lengthy and skill-centric process. Hence, it makes sense why entrepreneurs choose to work with leading language service providers. If you also want to translate the marketing collateral of your brand to Spanish and its dialects then contact Shakti Enterprise-Preferred language service provider.

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