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Top 10 subtitling companies in India to look for

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In the world that has thousands of languages and most of them having their own entertainment industries, educational videos, instructional videos, etc. could be a great market if they are explored well. To explore such markets, it is essential to either dub those videos in the languages which could be quite expensive and time consuming task for sure. However, there is another option that could definitely be a great option if carried out well. This option is subtitling of the entire video content in the specific languages. It becomes least expensive option when you get to hire any of the top 10 subtitling companies in India.

It indeed sounds difficult to find out a trusted name in the subtitling industry; however, with the right search it is possible to get the one company that could be trusted. An ideal subtitling company translates spoken dialogue into written text on the screen so that people of the targeted language could understand the content. This is being done a lot these days with Hollywood movies that are often released with subtitles. Similarly, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam movies are released with Hindi subtitles. Some of the renowned subtitling companies like Tridindia, Mars Translation, Shakti Enterprise, Lisan India, Translingua Global, Feenix Language Solutions, etc. have carved their niche for sophisticated subtitling.

Here are top ten subtitling companies in India that you may look for when you looking for a trusted name in the industry:

1. Lingual Consultancy Services

This is a Gurgaon based translation agency that offers exclusive subtitling services to clients from around the world with its offices in Berlin (Germany), Paris (France) and Boston (USA). Thus, it is truly a multinational subtitling company that could be trusted for its global presence and competency. Whether it is films, entertainment videos, instructional videos or presentations, this company makes some of the best subtitles for videos with the help of local linguists.

2. Integrated Language Solutions

Whether it is games, videos or your news stories, this translation agency is known for offering high-end subtitling services in various languages. Founded not as another translation company but with a unique concept to provide a comprehensive solution for all language, the company promises to deliver the most professional subtitling services to the companies operating in education, entertainment and media sectors.

3. Shakti Enterprise

Part of Bhasha Bharati Arts, a globally recognized that has been delivering the most professional translation services for more than five decades, Shakti Enterprise offers the most trusted subtitling services to clients. Being an established and experienced subtitling agency in India helps it a lot as it is like ‘been there, done that’ scenario for it. Needless to say whether it is documentaries, instructional videos, games, news stories, etc. or films, Shakti Enterprise offers exclusive and high-end subtitling services to its clients. Based in Mumbai, this translation agency has carved a niche for its sophisticated subtitles with the help of local linguists. With it, clients receive authentic and localized subtitling that meets the specific requirements from the targeted audience. Moreover, since it has multiple checks and auditing processes, it makes sure that the subtitles are accurate, authentic and with time stamp for greater understanding.

4. Indian Translators

It is another translation agency in India that offers high-end subtitling services to clients who are into entertainment industry and other audio-video production. The company claims that it we concentrate on what it can do the best for the clients with its expertise i.e. languages. With more than 100 languages covered, it offers diverse range of subtitling services to clients whether it is Indian languages or European languages, there are no limitations with this translation agency. Being a leading translation company of India it has provided comprehensive turnkey solutions for subtitles for clients in entertainment industry.

5. TransPerfect

When you are watching your favorite movie from Tamil language and could not understand a word from it, you feel frustrated; however, if there are subtitles you would not miss what the film and the characters in it are talking about. Even though a lot of films are dubbed later on Hindi or other languages for that matter, they first come with subtitles because it is less time consuming process and can be done without a lot of expenses. This is where the companies like TransPerfect come to role. These are the agencies that make great sense when it comes to subtitling for films, videos, games, etc. amongst others. It’s the largest, privately held language solutions company in the world with several decades experience in the industry.

6. Tridindia IT Translation Services

Being a name to reckon with when it comes to the top ten subtitling companies in India TridIndia has nearly two decades of experience in the industry. Although it was established as an online translation company, these days it is among the most sought-after translation agency in India that offers exclusive subtitling services in India. There are various reasons that customers trust it and the best among them is that it truly has some great linguist who are master in their domain. It is known for its translation services, client services, support and translation software and tools.

7. Lisan India

When it comes to finding out the best translation agencies that also offer subtitling services for videos of all sorts, Lisan India is the name that comes to mind. Being a top language company providing a wide variety of language-specific services to global businesses, this company is known for offering high-end subtitling services that help clients reach to new audiences at any part of India and the world. Lisan India has been in the translation business for several years and carved a niche for its subtitling of movies and documentaries as well as instructional-educational videos.

8. Milestone Localization

This is another name to reckon with when it comes to subtitling services as with this company several entertainment and educational institutions have done a range of projects. Being a certified company by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for having in place strong security of information and quality management systems, it offers the most professional and known for its end to end translation and localization services. Over the years it made sure that videos that go through the subtitles are well understood by the viewers of all languages.

9. Intonation Limited

Being one of the most reliable subtitling agencies, this one is also known for being a friendly approachable agency when it comes to subtitling services in India. It specializes in subtitles for videos, games, documentaries, films, docudrama, etc. amongst others. With more than three decades in the industry it is one of the most experienced subtitling services provider.

10. Bilingua Bradford

A renowned translation agency, Bilingua Bradford also offers high-end subtitles for all sorts of videos that would help the clients reach to wide audience. There is hardly any doubt on the fact that multilingual videos tend to reach to wide audience; however, it is not possible to dub all the videos. Instead, the option of subtitles could be adapted for quick fix.

The above list is made after going through the reviews from the customers, the services that the agency offers and the number of years the company has been in existence.

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