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Localization companies in India playing vital role in the success

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Although we have come across with the term localization, it is often used interchangeably with translation services which are wrong, per se. Even the marketers and linguists often commit such a mistake or probably they are unaware of the differences. However, the localization companies in India not just understand what distinguishes translation and localization; they deliver the much required distinguished services to their clients. The difference is of processes and the end result desired when it is localization and translation.

Although translation and localizations both change the text of a website, it is the latter that helps you extend the reach of your website more efficiently and profitably to a local audience. For instance, whereas in translation, the process of changing your text into another language is done without putting any effort to use local terms because that is not the purpose. It is not that it is done by mistake but it is not a goal at all.

However, when it comes to localization the efforts are kept to include local terms or lingo, phrases, etc. for wide-reaching.

Nevertheless, localization companies in India consider the cultural, visual and technological aspects of changing a site for users in different languages important and that has been working tremendously well. Thus, it could definitely be said that whereas translation is limited in approach and can be considered as just one part of the localization process, the goal in the current dispensation is to localize the text for local consumption.

Requirement for Website Localization

Websites are the first point of contact with potential customers and believe it or not a website is generally made in English language. However, it is well known a fact that English is not a universal language and not everyone is good at this language. In such a situation business organizations should look for the websites that are available in several languages. It would help visitors from all parts of the world reach to them, engage with them and generate business opportunities. Thus, even the end goal is met well when the website is localized.

According to some studies more than two thirds of customers show a preference toward websites in their native language. Even in India the websites that are in Hindi are receiving more traction than the ones that are in English. It is similar to the news channels where Hindi news channels are receiving far more viewership than the English news channels. When the consumers have choices, they prefer their own language and localization is one such process where organizations can bring more linguistic options for consumers.

It is worth to mention that we could talk a lot about localization and it’s role in the culmination of more business; however, it is not so easy to localize the whole website. However, when you are hiring a localization company from India you would get a couple of advantages. For instance, it would cost you less comparatively and second, you would get so many options in terms of language. For instance, some of the veteran translation services providers like Bhasha Bharati Arts, Shakti Enterprise, etc. could be a great option at play.

Content Localization Process is Vital

The localization companies in India work on your Cultural and Functional content which could be brochures, websites, marketing products, film scripts and a whole range of other documents. To successfully compete in today’s global economy organizations must adapt or localize their content whether it website or any other digital media content. The content that resonates with the international audiences could definitely be called localized content from all points of views. This is especially important for going viral which is considered as one parameter of success in the globalized content.

Localization basically means adapting market offerings to best meet end-user expectations and this is where India’s localization companies playing vital role where they keep the following into consideration when offering their services:

  • Paying attention to local colors, shapes, sizes and styles could be appealing for the local visitors
  • Using local mages, icons and graphics when describing the products or services helps in localization
  • Keeping societal codes like humor, etiquette, rituals, myths and symbols, etc. in mind while localizing
  • Each society has unique societal values, power, relationships and beliefs; they should be kept in mind

With regards to functional content and localization requirements some of it should be done carefully to not just meet the tastes and aspirations of the local population but also not to offend others. Some examples of functional content like date and time formats, telephone numbers and contact information should though be done according to the local practices, a balance should be struck so that when some international visitors are there they too don’t have trouble utilizing or reading them.

Similarly, despite all efforts weights, measurements and geographical references even when in the international standards or style could cause huge confusion for a lot of users. Therefore, they should be localized to make them well understood by the local people. For instance, people in India would not know what is ounce, millions, etc. and in such a situation it is important that the local practices like Kilometers, thousands, crores should be used. This helps people understand the content and not get muddled in the frivolous riddles.

What do localization companies in India offer?

As market and consumer studies suggest more than half of consumers confess that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price, the localization companies in India deliver the much needed services for clients in India and abroad. Not just translation but also content localization that includes the following is done by such companies:

  • Website content localization by rewriting the content to meet local demand in local language
  • Localization of promotional content like newsletter writing, press release
  • Content writing from scratch in several languages
  • Multilingual SEO
  • Localized company profile writing
  • Localized resume, travel writing
  • Multilingual Technical Writing

The bottomline is that with sufficient planning, a focused website localization strategy from the localization companies in India could help you execute the plan to expand your website into new languages. You would win international customers with your perfectly adapted content as it is in their own language.

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