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5 Tips To Consider While Subtitling Your Video

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Do you want to take your videos to a new market? Are you looking forward to increasing your video viewership? Professional subtitling services can help you.

Subtitling can make your video footage globally accessible. Multilingual subtitling services are used for movies and TV shows so that a wider audience can enjoy them. It helps production companies to translate their video content into different languages.

With subtitles, viewers can understand your video, even if the words spoken are not in their native language. For your subtitling to be professional, it is vital to consider the below points to reap great benefits.

1. Caption Your Source Videos

It is essential to caption your videos to tap people living in foreign markets. Captioning makes your video accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing. It provides clarity, which helps the viewer to retain the information quickly.

2. Focus On The Timing

Captions should be synchronized properly. They should change along with the video scene. You need to check whether the captions appear and disappear with respect to the audio and imagery or not.

3. Keep An Eye On Numbers

While representing numbers, you need to take care of appropriate conventions. Numbers from one to ten must be spelled, whereas numbers over ten must be used as numerals.

4. Check The Punctuation

Question marks and exclamations should be used while asking questions and highlighting words or ideas. Quotation marks must be used when displaying reading from a book, poem etc.

5. Replicate The Meaning

Subtitling adds text to your video to express the original message. Therefore, you must focus on bringing the original essence of the message and not a mere translation of the content.

Our Wide Range Of Professional Subtitling Services:

TV Series Movies Live Educational Videos Interviews Documentary

Video Subtitling Services

With the help of video subtitling service, your video content can easily reach your target market in their native language.

Video subtitling service helps the non-speakers of the language of video to understand the content easily. It is therefore, an effective marketing tool.

The global market size of the subtitling solutions market will reach US$ 310 million by 2024 (planet market reports)

We Understand The Subtitling Industry

Whether you are a large business or a small firm, subtitle translations can open up your global potential. Subtitling your multimedia content in multiple languages can help you reach a wider audience.

Subtitles help to convey accurate information in the visual media. They back your audio information with a written synchronized text. They can be in multiple formats and are added to the video file.

Shakti Enterprise is one of the leading subtitling companies in India, offering high-quality subtitle translation services. We ensure that your message comes across clearly in any market. Our team comprises of subtitle specialists, analysts and project managers. We provide quality, consistency, and delivery within the stipulated period.

We work with audio and visual files and can also deliver in the format of your choice. While providing our top-notch services, we always ensure compliance with all industry standards and regulations.

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