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The importance of translation in the Tourism business

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The tourism has developed into an extremely important global industry with continuous increase in the number of tourists in the entire world. It is thus necessary to translate the numerous documents in several languages in order to comply with the requirements of the hotels, tour operators and travel agencies as well as inquiries of the tourist centers and other places like museums, historical sites and other travel destinations.

There are numerous forms of literature and advertisements in the tourism industry like newspaper and magazines, websites, sales letters, brochures and flyers. The language translation of these different documents associated with tourism enable the tour operators, hotels, travel agencies and other organizations in the tourism business to approach the potential customers across all parts of the world.

Tourism business

Broadcasting of exact information about the services and offers, that is precisely translated, is an exceptional strategy for sensitization of the stakeholders of the tourism business. In addition to the conventional advertisement, the broadcasting of different information in various languages perhaps causes additional potential customers to choose your services and products.

While translating, consideration of linguistic sensitivity of the target group is of paramount importance. Are the translations directly addressed to the tourists or the travel agents? The exact knowledge of the target group allows to better understand the expectations of the reader and to stimulate its interest. Owing to this information, you can achieve optimum success in your multilingual project.

A document translated in the language of the reader makes him/her feel absolutely comfortable, be it your website, your online-shop or your paper documents. This can have a direct influence on the growth and profitability of your company. To this effect, it can be declared that it is an investment to offer your services or products in different languages.

If your company intends to reach a wide group and thinks of developing the “local market” in a “global market”, the translation agencies can help you.


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