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The Importance of Transcription Services in Documenting Business Events

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Transcription services in India

Transcription is the written version or a printed document of some interviews, meetings, dictation, speech or any other information. Its services have widespread use in medical industries, business, legal fields, finance, government services, manufacturing, etc. The choice of best transcription service is therefore very important to get a quality transcription that can provide meaningful information when it matters the most.

What does a transcription service provider do for you?

The role of transcription service providers is very wide and encompasses different fields of business and professions. For instance, audio transcription service may deal with live speech and can convert various forms of audio sources in a written document.

Alongside audio, the transcription service may also include video transcription from several types of video formats. A transcription specialist hence listens to various types of speeches in audio and video format and comprehends it correctly to produce a correct document.

What else you can expect from Transcription service provider?

It is very important for a transcriptionist to have a wide vocabulary of different languages to be able to transcribe correctly. He has to provide necessary editing services to make the transcribed content error free.

The documents produced by a transcriptionist after listening to the audio or video transcription are easy to email or index. Use of audio transcription services also helps in documenting the difficult texts spoken in a very user-friendly way.

Multiple Applications of Transcription Services

  •  Transcribe The Speeches:

Transcription services can be of great help to boost the marketing of the company thereby adding value to your business. Availing the transcription service makes it possible for you to transcribe the important speeches of the speakers and circulate it. This will go a long way in motivating the employees of the company to understand the proceedings easily.

  • Transcription of  Videos on Website:

You might have placed great videos on your website. The videos may have keywords, which can help your website rank even better. However, unless the copy and keywords are available easily for the search engines, it is difficult for the website to get a better ranking. Excellent video transcription service can make it easier for the search engines to locate the copy and the keywords. This, in turn, improves the ranking of your website.

  • Transcription of Press Conferences:

A Press conference is very important for a business to launch new initiatives. For commentators or for journalists such programs are very important, as the journalists need to understand the content of the discussions. Unless the reporters have a clear understanding of a program, reports cannot be accurate.

  • Quality Audio Transcription Services:

When you opt for quality audio transcription services, you can have an accurate record of the discussions made in a program. A transcription can act as the authentic proof of announcements done in conferences. In addition, there will be no confusion among different publications and people will be able to get access to the correct message easily.

  • Transcription of A Meeting:

It is extremely important to get the correct details of a meeting and to circulate the minutes of meeting to the concerned people. Here transcriptionist plays an important role. Many clients prefer to have a synopsis of the entire proceedings carried out in a meeting and hire Transcription services for the same. These professionals prepare quick minutes of the meeting, which are easy to grasp and can later be circulated among people for clarity.

  • Track Competitor’s Activities:

You may seek the assistance of the best transcription service for monitoring your competitor’s activities. A transcriber can sit in an AGM or in any other public event and can record the full proceedings to transcribe it later. This way you can get the exact transcripts of the proceedings and can make a suitable note of the important matters discussed.

Shakti Enterprise is an ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN 1508 Certified company for quality adherence. They are in the industry from 30+ years and offer efficient and trustworthy transcription services in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Bangalore. All of the offerings are conversant with the latest technological features and deliver a quality service.

Take a wise decision by choosing right transcription service providers to simplify your business needs!

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