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Russian Translation Services

As per the United Nation migration report of 2017, about 258 million people are living in a country other than their home country. Of all the migration that took place, Federation of Russia, China, Bangladesh, Syrian Arab Republic, Pakistan, and Ukraine contribute to the maximum migrant ranging between 6 to 10 million from each of these nations. Russia had its population of about 2 million being migrated to the United States for a plethora of reasons. With this figure of displacement being on uptrend, there is a strong need for a language translation service that can provide convenience and ease of living away from home.

Need For Russian Translation

With a large number of people migrating from Russia to other nations, the Russian to English translation services has been much in demand in various English speaking nations all around the world. Especially in the United States, the importance of such a service is immense.

Renowned service providers like Shakti Enterprise offer a wide range of translation services in order to help their clients go global. These include the translation of various Russian documents such as:

  • Extended visas
  • Green card
  • Identification card
  • Medical records and history
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Certificate and many more

Third Party Translation

Major government agencies and educational institutes have defined criteria for accepting the Russian translation service. They require third party translation service in order to validate documents such as marriage license, a college certificate, birth certificate, and immunization records.

So, what does a third party translation service mean? It means that even if any Russian individual knows English, he or she has to take help of a Translation Company that can translate its document effectively with least chances of any types of error. A translation service provider can help any such individual who has migrated from Russia to the United States or any other English speaking nation in translating his or her legal documents to English. This applies to Russian immigrants, Russian legal permanent residents along with temporary or nonimmigrant visitors.

Legal Documents Translation

Both federal and state governments accept the translated version of legal documents only if carried out by a professional service provider. These include documents such as driving license, green card application, naturalization process or extended visas and many more. They don’t consider the translation done by the concerned individuals themselves. Hence, people look out to hire a reputed translation company.

Academic Documents Translation

The translation service helps individuals who wish to study abroad. These students need a certified college transcript, which is translated to the target language in order to facilitate their academics. They will also be required to get their college certificate translated to the target language for accurate results. Therefore, hiring a professional translation service provider will help them with their document to be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Often the freelancers or solo translation company’s also claim to provide high degree precision, but it is still better to confide on a renowned and trustworthy service provider to get accurate results.

Certified Russian Translation Service By Shakti Enterprise

Shakti Enterprise stands out when it comes to providing Russian English translation services. Accuracy and proficient translation are keys to achieve client satisfaction. With certified Russian translators at work, you can rest assured of guaranteed precision along with quick turnaround time.

The company has developed a great level of accuracy over the time due to which it has witnessed a constant rise in its clientele over the years. Its professionals dedicate themselves to provide you with the best translation service. Hence, you can trust its translation services without having any second thought in your mind.

Approach The Company Today!

The ISO certified company holds the distinction of doing translation work in more than 100 languages. Russian translation is one of them! The company with 3 decades of experience has worked wonders in extending its clutch in the local as well as global precincts. Be it academic, legal, medical or any other field, its certified Russian translators can translate all the related documents with ease. Therefore, whenever you feel like translating a Russian document, Shakti Enterprise is ever ready to assist you!

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