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5 Benefits of Book Translation Services That May Change Your Perspective

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Book Translation Services

Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving” as rightly quoted by a translator Anna Rusconi. Your words can impact millions of lives. Translators help you reach those millions of lives by sitting on the driver’s chair.

Translation is an art which offers communication in a multilingual and a multicultural world. It helps us understand foreign literature, fiction, and history. Without translation, we would never get exposed to varied cultures. It is great to learn completely different culture through translation but, it is not so easy to tap into the international audience. It requires great effort to get a translation of your choice which can help you broaden your audience.

When we talk about translating a book into another language – Publishing a book in English makes it accessible to 360 million native speakers plus the billion people who speak English as a second language. Most of the writers and publishing agencies avail book translation service in order to deliver literature in the global market.

Book translation service requires an excellent knowledge of the source and target languages. Only a person who understands the importance of the original tone of the book can translate its exact meaning. Book translation helps in capturing the massive crowd of the entire world. It comes to play to enable decoding of written stories, books, poems and many such pieces of literature written in foreign languages.

Getting more and more books translated encourages us to experiment with our own literature. Many authors avail Book Translation service with an aim to communicate textually thoughts, attitudes, and intentions into another language by creating diverse copies just as the original one.

Many authors wonder about Book Translation costs. Let us throw some light on this. Book Translation Service costs differ from language to language. At Shakti Enterprise, you will find that the prices are affordable and they charge per word and there are no hidden charges! Yes, you heard it right! Book translation cost will only be decided by the number of words to be translated.

All this being stated, let’s look at 5 essential benefits of Book Translations:           

  1. Larger Sales:

Readers all over the world can download eBooks on iOS and Android devices. They can also download books in their own languages. With translation, publishing internationally is possible as it can reach wider audiences who prefer reading in their native language. This will definitely lead to larger sales; making you earn more than you might have expected.

  1. Less Competition:

There is less competition for popular niches in different languages. If your book is well crafted and is mixed with different ideas, it can stand apart from the crowd of other popular books. The book should keep readers on edge, reading and turning page after page wanting to know what will happen next. That is the most important quality a book should have. If your book has this unique and most important quality, then you can expect less competition in your field.

  1. Reach More People:

Availing translation services puts your masterwork in front of millions of viewers. This increases your reputation overseas making you famous worldwide. Over social media, your fans and followers tend to increase which can help you with your future book launch.

By not translating your book, you are limiting yourself to one language and limiting communication to wider audiences. By having your work translated in another language, your reach becomes unlimited and unimaginable!

  1. Easier To Rank:

When there is less competition, it becomes easy for you to get the ranking. When you target the right keywords, it is simple to rank and even get on the first page of Amazon for your desired keywords. Optimizing content for keywords, acquiring links to your site, choosing realistic keywords are few ways to rank on number one on Google.

  1. More Engagement:

Books that are bilingual generate more engagement thereby helping you to widespread your reader base. Books translated in numerous languages can easily reach out to millions of readers and capture the massive crowd. Take any form of literature, if it’s as per the readers’ language they will prefer to read it instead of seeking other books.

Certified Book Translation Services:

There are many certified Book Translation Agencies in India. Shakti Enterprise stands apart from all other agencies because of their unique approach.

Shakti Enterprise understands that Book Translation requires a lot of precision, contextual conversion, and knowledge. They have developed a systematic translation process for all the authors who wish to translate their books in order to introduce them to international audiences. Their translation work is of high regard and is widely accepted across the entire intellectual domain.

They are committed to offering high-quality book translation services. Whether you are a publishing house or an author or a company or an individual looking to get your book translated, they are the best choice who will provide you with the translation of your books at affordable prices.

They are a Translation Agency who completely understands that quality is of great importance for professional book translation, thus, they have a thorough translation quality policy in place to ensure that the books are translated with the utmost quality and are free of any errors.

They also have a team of Book Translators who are professionals in the field of Multilanguage book translation and are experts in their respective languages and domains.

Their translators have an excellent knowledge of the subject dealt within the text. Each book is unique, and therefore the translator fully understands the context of the culture and changes what is necessary for a book to translate from one culture to another.

Shakti Enterprise offer services throughout the world. They have a widespread branch network in India – Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Pune. They are known for carving a niche in providing Book Translation Services all over the world.

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