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Best Practices of English to Chinese Medical Translation Services

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Medical Translation services

China is a nation of 1.4 billion people. Apart from being an economic powerhouse, it is also a massive market for pharmaceutical products. Hence, it is no brainer that the nation is also a massive consumer of medical translation services.

Read on to learn about the importance, challenges and best practices of English-to-Chinese medical translation services.

Importance of medical translation services in China

Like any other nation with a huge population, China also relies heavily on an efficient healthcare system. The importance of medical translation services for big and densely populated nations like China is second to none and it can be enunciated using the following points.

  • With the help of English-to-Chinese translation services designed for the medical sector, the Chinese masses can have unabated access to healthcare products and medical services with descriptions written in their native language and dialects.
  • English-to-Chinese document translation services also help keep confusion at bay when a Chinese individual is looking for information, especially in times of medical emergencies.
  • Localization is the first condition for foreign brands to do business in China as the nation prioritizes its national language and its dialects over other global languages. Hence, pharmaceutical companies that want to become successful in China have to take help from veteran Language Service Providers proficient in offering English to Chinese medical translation services. It is as simple as that!

Challenges of English to Chinese medical translation

The challenges that a pharmaceutical company needs to encounter when they are hiring an agency specializing in English-to-Chinese medical translation are as follows – 

  • Linguists working on English-to-Chinese medical translation projects should be natives of China and be proficient in the dialect of the nation’s national language.
  • China’s regulators demand foreign pharmaceutical companies make basic product information available for mass consumption using simplified Chinese. Hence, linguists hired by a pharmaceutical company should be proficient in both traditional as well as simplified Chinese, for the best results.
  • Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure that they are hiring Language Service Providers who have native Chinese linguists under their payroll with the technical knowledge of the medical sector and the skills of advanced medical translation.

Best practices for efficient English to Chinese medical translation

Our medical translation experts abide by the following best practices that allow us to satiate the unique needs of our clients.

Our linguists pay close attention to the names of the drugs

Our linguists pay close attention to the names of the drugs before translating them into Chinese and its dialects. This step allows us to differentiate between the International Non-proprietary Name and the marketed name of the drug(s).

We make sure that we are careful about medical terminology

Translating medical terminologies used to market a drug sold by different pharmaceutical brands is quite challenging, to be honest. Thankfully, our native Chinese linguists are proficient in coming up with appropriate words and phrases to effectively communicate the description(s) of drugs thus ensuring the quality of the project remains second to none!

We proceed only after obtaining complete information about medical products

We ask our clients to share with us complete knowledge about medical products before we even proceed to begin working on the English-to-Chinese medical translation project. This simple step allows our linguists to make sense of the challenges of the medical translation project thus ensuring the linguistic quality of the project remains on par with the expectations of the client.


We have partnered up with several pharmaceutical companies in China and from other nations that deliver pharmaceutical products to China. We have been associated with the Language Services sector for decades! We have what it takes to deliver quality assured medical translation services and that too at reasonable rates. To learn more feel free to contact us 9673844144

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