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How to engage villagers digitally?

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localizationRegion-specific localized content is one the surest way to engage villagers digitally. Localize your website and take advantage of a rural surge in acquiring Smartphones.

Here are reasons why you must plan for website Localization immediately:

  1. The shift from using basic mobile phones to internet based smartphone is on the rise.
  2. Internet Users in India has grown by 49% and is estimated to touch 460 million by the year 2017
  3. 50% of the growth is due to easy accessibility of the Net through Smartphone.
  4. Almost 90% of the users prefer to browse the Net in their local language sites.
  5. The next 100 to 200 million new internet users will not speak English.

The solution to penetrate Indian Market is by having region specific website translated and localized from English website. Website Translation from English to Hindi and other regional languages will prove effective as English is not understood in Rural India.

Shakti Enterprise has been providing language solutions to companies big or small in deciding their language policy and localization needs.

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