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Guide to Global SEO

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The international online space is getting crowded. As digital communication is on the rise, effort is made to see that your website comes on top of page rank during every keyword search that are relevant to your business so that the opportunity to get noticed stays higher and there is every chance that the visitor clicks on your site and makes the inquiry. Even if a small portion of the web traffic visits your site, the chances of getting some lead generation and conversion means a huge increase in new customers and market expansion.

seoglobalTo get your website seen in the crowded digital space you need an effective SEO Strategy. Here is a guide to global SEO.

  1. Create a standalone version in each of your target countries
  2. Direct visitors to your local domain. Make it convenient for visitors to choose their preferred language
  3. Use the language meta tags
  4. Research the popular search engines in the countries you are targeting.
  5. Match the keywords you use in your local website with that of the keywords your potential customers are likely to use during their searches
  6. Use keywords in page titles
  7. Use keywords in meta data
  8. Use keywords in main headings and sub-headings
  9. Do not litter your web page content with keywords. Be real and genuine in your copy as you will end up irritating your potential customer and Google will notice.
  10. Ensure when you add an image to your website page that you include and ALT tag.
  11. Make sure your content is well written, adds value to the visitors and make them interested by speaking in their language.
  12. Research and register with relevant local directories ensuring you use your keywords in link titles and descriptive text
  13. Acquire links to your website from others based in the country you are targeting
  14. Give quality information that you only could offer and post them and do link building
  15. Create social media profiles and region specific social media campaign

Localize your website. Don’t translate

If you are planning to go global, start with website localization with your most potential market. One way of judging is by analyzing sales from countries where you are getting orders despite the fact that your website in English has no significance.

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