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Digital – A New Perspective

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The world is on Digital. Internet users are growing year on year with the fastest growing nation being those where English is not the spoken language. In fact the demand for content in local language will be in demand as majority of non-native English speakers would want to browse for product and service information in their native language.

digital-localizationWebsite Localization:

Multi-lingual website with linguistic SEO is bound to increase search engine volume and you are sure to gain enquiries from new market. It is also the most cost effective solution

Web Apps and Mobile Apps

With the rise of smartphone Internet Users accessing the web is becoming practical and convenient. This also gives opportunity of software localization using multi-lingual Web Apps and Mobile Apps

Software Localization

Most of the software which are having their interface in English will have to done in language and in a dynamic situation, this calls for string extraction – a method which enables programming the device for translated words through a single file for multiple language usage during the extraction for any language

The new perspective of Digital is ‘Digital by Language” for targeted communication

Shakti Enterprise, a technology company with linguistic capabilities has latest CAT tools and technology for managing global communication with localization For Website, Software and any digital media where language is involved.


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