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Why you must consider Translation from English to German?

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German translation button on keyboard with soft focus

German translation button on keyboard with soft focus

In the business of communication, we need to culturally connect with the customer. This comes from an understanding of target markets and prevalent cultures. Translation from English to German is one of the surest ways to penetrate and succeed in Germany.

  • German is the official language in Germany and Austria
  • Within Europe, German is the native language for more than 100 million people
  • German is one of the most used languages in the internet

Though nearly half the population in Germany can speak in English, it is German which is the primary language for business and therefore it makes great business sense to have your Website in German language.

German appreciates directness of communication. They are task oriented and generally stick to tradition and culture, punctuality and discipline, rules and regulations, quality and perfection in day to day life. Professional translators

Shakti Enterprise one of the leading translation service providers engages with professional translators who are native speakers for your document and technical translation as well as website localization. They would suggest suitable adaptation of language, colors, images, graphics, synchronize your website with emotional and cultural connect.

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