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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your LinkedIn profile in Multiple Languages

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LinkedIn is a social media platform fashioned to meet the needs of professionals and the modern global corporate world alike.

The platform has more than eight hundred million active users and a strong presence in more than two hundred nations. LinkedIn has time and again been hailed for its active role in – 

  • Professional networking
  • Branding
  • Recruitment drives and more.

As per the collective opinions of language translation experts associated with veteran Language Service Providers, LinkedIn can help new as well as established brands to gain countless new business opportunities given the brands have their LinkedIn profiles in multiple global languages.

Other reasons why professionals need to localize their LinkedIn profiles are enunciated in the sections below.

Multilingual LinkedIn profiles get better organic traffic and visibility

According to linguists proficient in translation services, multilingual LinkedIn profiles get better organic traffic and are more visible on the platform. With the help of traffic being funneled organically into the profile, professionals can readily get their hands on leads from all over the world. At the same time, better visibility within the platform and across all leading Search Engines in the form of ‘rich snippets’ allows professionals to build and cement their identity easily from the moment the SERPs are displayed to the end user.

The importance of multilingual LinkedIn profiles is yet again cemented when one is provided with the fact that more than twenty per cent of Search Engine queries are made using local languages. Hence, it is easy to understand that localized LinkedIn profiles have better chances of being showcased in the localized Search Engine Results Pages of leading Search Engines like Google.

Multilingual LinkedIn profiles show off the brand’s proficiency in global languages

With the help of professional LinkedIn profile translation services, brands can show off their proficiency in other known global languages. Multilingual LinkedIn profiles also convey to the target audiences of brands about the latter’s commitment towards forming lasting emotional connections with its global target audiences.

Multilingual LinkedIn profiles also help in “breaking the ice”

Often, brands and professionals have a hard time connecting with target audiences from foreign locations. The reason is simple. The target audience segment either has a hard time trusting an ‘alien’ brand or professional or the target audience is not proficient in the language in which the LinkedIn profile is written.

Whichever may be the case, with the help of a multilingual LinkedIn profile, brands and professionals can break the proverbial ice and connect with the intended target audience segment in no time.

It is as simple as that!

It is easy to localize LinkedIn profiles

Localizing LinkedIn profiles is easy. One can simply localize their LinkedIn profile with a few clicks. But, it is best to get in touch with linguists associated with veteran Language Service Providers in a bid to keep the language, context, punctuations and related linguistic nuances natural.

Multilingual LinkedIn profiles boost credibility

Multilingual LinkedIn profiles make a brand or a professional credible thus ensuring the profile will get more clicks, views and engagement. At the same time, the profile’s bounce rates will be reduced drastically. Bounce rates also apply to professional profiles. To learn more, please contact us.


Translation and localization of professional social media accounts are a bit more complex compared to other localization projects. The reason is simple. Professional social media accounts in leading platforms like LinkedIn demands finesses and sector-specific know-how from linguists. Hence, entrepreneurs planning to localize their LinkedIn profiles need to hire veteran linguists from leading Language Service Providers like us.

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