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Difference Between Certified and Non-Certified Translation Services

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Language translation, over the years, has become an important service in every aspect of the world’s modern corporate sector. In this age of internet-based globalization where everyone is communicating with one another, language translation services help in bridging the linguistic gaps between the source and the target audience groups. 

Business owners or creators who are on the hunt for linguists or translation agencies in a bid to localize and translate websites, apps, games, documents, etc. often find themselves getting confused as they have to choose between non-certified and certified language translation experts.

Difference between non-certified and certified linguistic services

Well, the primary difference is the quality of certified translation services is higher when compared to non-certified translation services.

Furthermore, projects delivered by certified translators associated with prominent Language Service Providers will entail guarantees that the project can be deployed on the internet without checking for errors. The reason is simple. Leading Language Service Providers follow a strict screening process that allows them to hire none but the best-certified linguists who are natives of all known global languages and entail sector-specific experience. 

Other reasons to hire certified translators

Providers of certified translation services in Mumbai and in any other location for that matter are being hired and preferred by creators, artists, professionals and entrepreneurs for a lot of other reasons. 

  • When one hires certified translators one can rest assured that the translated content would entail precise contextual sentence structuring, sentence construction and grammatical nuances that are being followed in the target languages as well as their dialects.
  • Certified translators are also armed with the necessary linguistic skills needed to ensure that the translated content conforms to the cultural nuances of the target language as well as the target location.
  • Certified translators are capable of altering their translation process depending on the project type and the sector the content will serve in the end. In this way, one can ensure that their bespoke needs will be prioritized by the translator – a trait that one would not find in content translated by non-certified translators.
  • Certified translators have time and again been labelled as more reliable compared to their non-certified counterparts. Deadline extensions, delays, procrastination, etc. are traits that one would not find in certified translators and agencies that hire them.
  • Certified translators are ideal for projects that entail a lot of translation for sector-specific technical terms. For instance, it is best that one hires certified translators for medical, legal, technical, automotive, thesis, research papers, technology and IT-related translation projects. 

When should one avail certified translation services?

It is best to hire certified translators when one wants to translate legal paperwork that would be used in trials, and court hearings such as evidence descriptions, and trial transcripts. One should also rely on certified translators when they need documents to be translated before they can be submitted to government offices or offices of apex authorities.

When should one hire non-certified translators?

Non-certified translators are ideal for website translations, e-store translations, and marketing or promotional collateral translations.

When in doubt, ask!

If the reader doubts whether they should avail certified or non-certified translation services for their next translation project then the best thing to do is contact our experts at Shakti Enterprise. We have been associated with the translation and localization sector for decades. Hence, we not only have the proficiency to take on challenging translation projects but at the same time, we can also render actionable advice to our clients when they are in a state of dilemma.

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