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What Would Proofreading Services Cost?

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Whether one has to submit a research paper for peer review or the draft of their latest novel, it is natural for one to be nervous. A research paper has to meet the high standards of peer reviewers. At the same time, a literary work’s draft has to keep the publisher happy.

To meet the above mentioned objectives, academics need to seek agencies that offer proofreading services.

What are proofreading services?

Editing and proofreading are different stages. Editing is when one is still working on their literary work’s first draft.

Proofreading, on the other hand, is the final stage of checking a literary work before the same can be published or sent for peer review.

Proofreading is the process of correcting errors and eradicating inconsistencies such as improper punctuation and unnecessary capitalization. Veteran proofreaders will also sort out formatting issues.

Simply put, availing proofreading services allows one to take the quality of their literary work to the next level. 

Cost of proofreading services

The cost of proofreading services depends on several factors and they are enunciated in the sections below.

Document type

The cost of proofreading a document depends on the type of literary work the client has provided to the language service provider. For example, the charges for proofreading a personal essay, a research paper, a thesis or a dissertation will vary.

Number of hours spent on the project

Often, language service providers charge their clients hourly. Hiring such LSPs can prove to be an expensive affair. One should hire a proofreading and editing service provider who would offer a flat rate and not an hourly rate. 

Number of pages

Often proofreading service providers would charge their clients based on the number of pages they have to work with. It would be best to avoid such service providers and work with those agencies that have in-house certified proofreaders and charge based on the number of words in the literary work.

Turnaround time

If the client needs their literary work within a short turnaround time then the proofreading service provider would need to allot more of their in-house resources to the project. Hence, it is natural for a project with a short turnaround time clause to cost more.

For the best results, one should allow their preferred proofreading service provider to take their time. In this way, the service would produce a reasonable invoice and at the same time, the quality of proofreading will be second to none! 

Type of service (editing, translation or proofreading)

Often translation and editing are required for literary works in a bid to make the same available to a global audience. In such cases, the client should be prepared to spend some more of their financial resources as translation, localization, editing and proofreading are different services. Furthermore, each step mentioned above is carried out by linguists who specialize in their respective sectors. Hence, if a document needs editing, translation, proofreading and localization then the project, as a whole, would entail a hefty invoice.


Proofreading services have immense importance across all sectors. For the best results, one should hire professionals from veteran language translation services providers like us at Shakti Enterprise. Shakti Enterprise has been assisting academics for the past 35+ years with quality-assured proofreading services. Our agency also has an NSIC-CRISIL rating of SE3B. We are also members of the American Translation Association, the International Federation of Translators and the Indian Translators Association. We hire certified academic writers thus our proofreading services entail quality assurance. To discuss a project, contact us.

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