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How transcription companies in India can help your small business

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The internet and its many promotional tools allow a small business owner to promote their venture at a fast pace and in a cost-efficient manner. One such way is the creation of product/service promotional content in both audio and video formats.

In case you are the owner of a small business then you too would have utilised digital content to promote your venture but do you back them up with transcriptions?

If not then read the following sections where we will discuss a few reasons why a small business needs help from the best transcription companies in India

Transcription allows you to reach people who prefer reading

A majority of web browsing happens through mobile devices like smartphones, it is essential for you to make sure that the promotional content created for your business is mobile device optimized.

How will transcription services make the online content of your business mobile device optimised?

Well, take for instance that a person is viewing the promotional content created for a product that your brand recently launched but they are unwilling to listen to the audio file of the vlog or view the vlog as they prefer reading information.

In such scenarios, the transcription of the promotional content will act as a saviour for your brand by capturing the attention of the visitor and making them aware of the latest achievements of your brand.

Neat, right!?

It allows your business to become accessible to hearing impaired clients

When you hire one of the best transcription companies in India, you are automatically sending the signal to all your current, past and prospective clients that you care for them.

People associate with brands that tend to be all-inclusive.

Here’s the explanation –

It is natural for the market segments your brand targets to have people in them who are hearing impaired.

Now, you can create digital content to promote/launch the products or services your brand offers but if you do not transcribe those files, the people in your intended target audience who are hearing impaired, will not be able to understand the content.

Hence, to include them into your client base, you would need to tread the extra mile by hiring a transcription company and send out the signal that although your brand is a small one, it still cares for its clients and is willing to take the necessary steps to include them in all of its product/service promotional efforts.

Transcription services make it easy for you to add links to textual content

Transcription companies can help you add links to all the textual content your business creates for your clients.

In this way, you will be able to subject your target audience to more web content pertaining to your brand and the services or products it offers.

For instance, if the digital marketing team in your company has recently uploaded a vlog about the product your company recently launched, adding a transcription for the vlog will allow your clients to refer to previously shared content that is similar to the vlog they are currently viewing, for better context.

Transcriptions add more value to the content you share on the official website of your business and this is a simple, easy and cost-efficient way to reduce the bounce rate of your official website.

Transcription services allow seamless archiving of digital promotional content

It is natural for a business to invest a lot of money in the creation of promotional content over the years. Hence, a time will come when you would have to archive all the audio-video material.

This is yet another instance when you would need to hire one of the best transcription companies in India and let them transcribe each file.

Why is that important?

Well, transcribing audio-video files would allow you to create an index of all the material. This, in turn, would make it easy for you to create references to old posts by linking them to their corresponding transcripts.

You can also refer to the transcribed files of all the promotional content your business has generated over the years to create eBooks for your clients.

Furthermore, in case you have an in-house team of digital marketers then you can ask them to refer to these transcripts when they choose to create blog posts for the official website of your company.

Get the idea?


Digital promotional content that is transcribed can allow a small business owner to reach the pinnacle of success in no time. The catch lies in the fact that the business owner is taking help from a transcription company with years of experience and a stellar reputation.

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