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Are website translation and website localization the same?

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The short answer to the above question, or rather the topic is no. Website translation
and website localization are not the same. The enunciation of this statement is carried
out in the sections below. Read on to learn more.
The terms website translation and website localization are often used interchangeably
by language service providers. But one must never assume these two categories of
linguistic services are the same.
So what exactly are the differences between website translation and
website localization?

The process of altering the source language of a website that consists of its –
 Text
 Multimedia
 eBooks or
 Apps into the targeted languages and their regional dialects is known as website

Website localization on the other hand, unlike website translation, is a specialised
process of adapting a website or e-store in a manner that it becomes suitable for a
particular region, locale or nation. The tone of the website content will be modified. The
website localization expert would also use certain idioms or expressions that are
frequently used by the people in the targeted market segment in a bid to ensure that the
website or the e-store and subsequently the brand forms a lasting emotional connection
with its targeted market segment.

Why website translation is important?

Website translation services help brands and businesses to reach more people in
untapped target market segments filled with prospective customers. Furthermore,
offering multilingual websites and e-stores can also help a brand penetrate deep into
already explored target market segments and even take away customers from its rival
brands! The reason lies in the fact that customers tend to react positively towards
brands that tend to communicate with them using the languages and dialects that are
prevalently used for official and unofficial communications in a target market segment.

Why website localization is important?

As per the professional opinion of an expert website localization and website
translation company, a localized website or e-store tends to organically rank high in
the Search Engine Results Pages of leading Search Engines. Furthermore, a localized
website also tends to reduce its bounce rates, increase its capability to convert leads

into returning customers and funnel online traffic organically to it in the peak hours of
every business day.

Which elements of a website should be translated?

As per the professional opinion of a website translation expert associated with a
revered multi-lingual website translation agency, a skilled website translator would
make sure that the –
 Textual content
 SEO elements
 All digital content
 Units of measure
 Currencies
 Product/service descriptions
 Customer care service section and
 The legal section of the client’s website/e-store has been translated.

Which elements of a website should be localized?

When you have sought help from a provider of website localization services, please
ensure that they are working on the
 Layout (user interface)
 Photos
 Infographics
 Call-to-action icons and
 Videos of your website for the best results.

Shakti Enterprise is the leading provider of website translation and
localization services

Shakti Enterprise offers fool-proof website localization and translation services. The
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language services sector for more than three decades. Furthermore, the website
translators and website localization experts working under the payroll of the language
service provider are certified and sworn. On top of this, the Shakti Enterprise can offer
website localization and translation services suitable for more than 100 Indian and
international languages as well as their frequently used regional dialects. For more
details, contact Shakti Enterprise.

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