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Reasons For The Rise In Popularity Of Software Localization

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A business, irrespective of its size and age, would need to ensure that it is ready to tackle the globalized world and for that, it would not only need to conduct its operations through e-commerce platforms. At the same time, it would also need to ensure that all the software that its stakeholder has access to is localized. The same goes for software development studios and independent software developers. Without assistance from a revered provider of software localization services, businesses, software development studios and independent software developers cannot remain in the current highly competitive globalized market.

There are several other reasons for the rise in popularity of software localization. Some of those reasons are enunciated in the sections below.

Reasons for the rise in popularity of software localization

Availing software localization services entails lots of benefits for businesses, software development studios and independent software developers.

For instance, localized software tends to enjoy an increase in its overall competitive advantage.

Here’s the enunciation.

As per the professional opinion of a localization expert associated with a revered Bengali localization company, if one wants their organization or their software development studio to stand apart from their rivals then investing in the services offered by a software localization company is a necessity and should not be considered as a luxury. 

Furthermore, when a localization company localizes a software, the end users tend to get a seamless experience that is offered in the languages (and their dialects) that are prevalently used in the targeted locations the software is planning to enter and become a household name.

Localization services also help businesses, software development studios and independent software developers scale up their respective operations and at the same time, grow their respective organizations on a local, national and then international scale.

One must also remember that only a fraction of the world’s population speaks English – the unofficial (yet officially recognized) language of the world. On top of this, less than five per cent of the world’s population even choose to learn English. Hence, without software localization, a business, a software development studio or even an independent software developer will be unable to connect with a large chunk of the available potential customer base.

Get the point!?

What are the best practices of software localization?

It is best to ensure that while selecting a software localization agency, one must make sure that the service provider follows the software localization best practices mentioned below.

Continuous localisation workflows should be preferred. But why!?

Well, the reasons why software localization experts need to prefer continuous localization workflows over waterfall localization workflows as the former integrate localization into the software development process. This simple step ensures that the turnaround time for the localization project gets shorter and the overall process becomes more agile.

Localization-friendly UX design should be prioritized. But why?

It is best to ensure that the localization experts working on a software localization project is ensuring the UX design of the software is on par with the cultural preferences and user expectations of the target locations where the localized software will be deployed.

Shakti Enterprise offers multilingual software localization services at the best rates

Shakti Enterprise and the multilingual software localization services the language service provider offers have time and again helped software development studios as well as organizations to reach their respective untapped global audience segments in no time. The multilingual software localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise are comprehensive as well as scalable. 

Furthermore, one can avail the software localization services from this three decade+ old language services provider in 100+ languages. The multilingual software localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise cover all aspects of a software localization project including string translation, UI redesigns, and localization-based engineering as well as QA testing of the localized software

Shakti Enterprise has been associated with the localization sector since 1986. Hence, hiring a language service agency will be a wise decision from a corporate point of view. For more details please contact Shakti Enterprise

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