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Top 5 Factors Affecting Translation Service Costs

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Translation helps to maintain a proper interchange of information and technology. It is a vital part of businesses that carry cross border operations. Translation services can help them to communicate with their customers in the languages they prefer to use. This builds trust and results in brand loyalty.

While stepping into the translation of any business document or website, the first thing that comes to mind is the translation service cost. Besides the translation quality, the cost is the next top priority while opting for professional translation services. There are many factors that affect the rates for translation; let us understand the main ones in this blog.

The market size of the global language services industry is 49.6bn USD (Statista)

Some Of The Main Factors That Influence Translation Service Cost Are As Follows:

1. Content Complexity

The translation rate per word or per page largely depends on the complexity of the content.

Not all texts are the same. Translating an employment contract, a commercial brochure, a financial statement, or a niche medical study requires different skills and knowledge. An expert translator with advanced knowledge can only do justice to such tasks. If you require quality translations then, hire a professional translator with an excellent grasp of specific terminology and see your project working wonders for your business.

2. Volume

Translation agencies generally give discounts for large volumes and ongoing translation projects. With this, they intend to improve their customer retention.

If your volume of work is regular, you can expect a reasonable price for your project. It is therefore advised to inform the agency about your frequency of work.

3. Delivery

How soon do you need the document translated? If you want to translate about 10,000 words within 24 hours, then you should be willing to pay more.

An urgent translation can hike your project cost, as the translators need to give their full time and attention to ensure timely delivery. This may have an impact on translation costs.

4. Language Combination

The translation service cost is calculated depending on the language. A translation with a popular language combination will be less expensive than a translation with a rare combination.

For example, translating from English into Japanese is much more expensive than English into Spanish.

5. Level Of Service

The service level will also be reflected in the price. A service level that includes translation, editing and proofreading (TEP) will cost higher than a process in which only the translator reviews his work.

Other factors that impact the translation cost are project management fees, audio transcription costs, page layout costs, and linguistic quality testing.

Translation Services Rates

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Business translations are often varied when it comes to their price range. It is important to choose your translation partner carefully to ensure optimum quality of work.

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