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Benefits Of Using Subtitles And Closed Captions In Your Videos

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Videos are ruling the content marketing world. For every brand, nowadays, video is the most powerful and effective business weapon readily available in their arsenal.

In today’s age, most of the videos are viewed either on YouTube, Facebook, or some other social media platform. A survey of U.S. consumers found that 92% view videos with the sound off on mobile. In this respect, adding subtitling and closed captioning to your videos can help people understand what your video is all about.

Having closed captions and subtitles available in many languages can vastly expand your video viewership, potential reach, and revenues. In this blog, we’ll take a look at why subtitles and closed captions are important and how they will benefit you.

Reasons To Use Video Subtitles:

1. It allows people to watch the video even when the sound can’t be played.

2. It makes your content accessible to those who can’t hear normally. According to statistics, in adults over age 65, about 40% of the population suffers from hearing loss. Therefore, providing such people with an opportunity to enjoy your content will benefit you in great ways.

3. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter auto-play the videos without sound in the news feed. In such a case, video subtitles play an important role in engaging the viewers. Subtitles in the video can help them to understand your topic better and motivate them to view the full video with sound.

4. Make your content competitive by expanding video outreach to more locations. Using video subtitling services , you can translate your video to an unlimited number of languages and allow your viewers to choose their language.

According to the American Press Institute, 85 percent of videos viewed on Facebook are watched without sound (

Benefits of Adding Closed Captions to Videos

Closed captioning (CC) is matching the transcribed text to the moving visual images on a screen. It is also known as video closed captioning or video captioning. CC is perfect for movies, video games, TV programs, and YouTube videos.

Few of the benefits of adding closed captions to videos are:

1. Closed captioning service provides unrestricted access for deaf or hard of hearing viewers
2. Closed captioning is a cost-effective approach to increase accessibility
3. It improves average watch time & user experience
4. It broadens video reach internationally
5. Captions make text indexable by Google and other search engines
6. Videos with live/closed captions or subtitles increase views and rank higher in the result pages of search engines.

Instapage found that captioned videos on Facebook had 16% higher reach than those without (

Overview Of Our Subtitling And Closed Captioning Services:

Video Documentary Live TV Series Movie Interviews

Professional Subtitling And Captioning Services For Your Industry

Shakti Enterprise is a professional transcription service company providing exceptional subtitling and captioning services from 30+ years.

We have a team professional subtitling linguists who create subtitles and captions that are tailored to convey the meaning and nuances of the dialogue. They ensure that your subtitles sound right and tell the right story to your audience.

We also review the quality of our subtitling and caption services regularly to ensure best-in-class results. Let’s discuss how we can help you to reach your target audience. Contact us for to know more about our services or to request a quote.

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