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YouTube India Sees Rapid Growth In Channels In Indian Languages

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YouTube is witnessing phenomenal growth in content creation in the native Indian languages (Kochi). From 16 YouTube channels with 1 million subscribers in 2014, it has grown to 1200 channels now. With over 265 million users coming to YouTube in India every month, the diversity of Indian content on YouTube has increased to a greater level.

Satya Raghavan, the director of content partnerships, YouTube India, said that the content categories such as comedy, music, news, tech, and learning are on the rise.

He also mentioned that about 60% of the viewership is coming from six large cities and of that 95% is in Indian languages. He also added saying that, Malayalam language content is growing 100% year-on-year in watch time. In Malayalam, 17 channels have crossed 1 million subscriber mark, while 50 Malayalam creators have subscribers have over 5 lakh, and 400 plus channels have more than 1 lakh subscribers.

Raghavan also said that, among the regional languages, Malayalam is one of the fastest-growing in terms of consumption. Comedy channel Karikku crossed 2 million subscribers, and the channel is planning to make its web series into a film which will be the first of its kind in the country.

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