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40% Languages May Soon Disappear! Time To Preserve Indigenous Languages!

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Over 60 tribal writers and scholars highlighted the need to preserve indigenous languages at the All India Indigenous Writers’ Festival in New Delhi. Speaking at the event, Secretary K Sreenivasarao said that it was important to protect languages as they preserve the cultures and the wisdom of societies.

O He also said that out of 6,700 languages spoken in the world, 40 per cent might soon disappear. According to the survey done by People’s Linguistic Survey of India – in the next 50 years, more than half of the Indian languages will disappear. This is alarming.

Modern Development Has Harmed Languages The Most

The two-day event was organized in New Delhi, on the occasion of the International Year of Indigenous Languages. Madan Mohan Soren (Convener of Santali Advisory Board) said that modern development had harmed languages the most and every two weeks one language disappears from the earth. Languages like Mundari, Kudukh etc. are slowly getting extinct.

He had also appealed to the government to do something and save these languages.

Odia poet Sitakant Mohapatra said that corrective steps must be taken to preserve the tribal languages as all of these languages are connected to the earth and its environment. In this blind race towards development, we have cleared so many forests that it has become difficult for tribal people to live their lives peacefully.

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