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Why is E-Learning Localization A Necessity These Days?

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In recent years, e-learning has become the primary mode of training personnel in small, medium, and multinational enterprises. One might think that e-learning became the norm for employee training in the corporate sector no thanks to the recent pandemic but that is not the case. According to the professional opinion of an expert associated with a revered provider of e-learning translation services in Delhi, more than 80 percent of enterprises around the globe chose to train their workforce through e-learning channels. The current statistics show that by the end of 2023, the global e-learning market share would entail a net worth surpassing US$331 billion!

How e-learning localization differ from standardised localization practices?

e-learning software translation and localization services differ from standardized localization services.

Here’s the enunciation.

You see, in standardized localization projects, localization experts alter the information of the source file. Then they go ahead and alter the layout, images, and the colours used in the source file. The reason is simple. The above mentioned steps were taken by the localization experts in a bid to make sure that the content gels with the cultural preferences of the target location and targeted audience segments.

e-learning localization on the other hand demands localization experts to tread the extra mile and alter the videos, voice-over track, interactive elements, UI controls, and overall navigational elements of the source content. These steps are essential as it allows the e-learning content to offer the same experience as the original file to all targeted audience segments.

Who can benefit from localized e-learning content?

e-learning translation services in Bangalore or in any other location for that matter help the following audience segments.

  • Corporate users – Organizations that need to train their international staff for a new service or product that their R&D department has cooked up use localized e-learning content to expedite the training process and make their local, national, and international workforce arrive at the same proverbial page in no time.
  • Frontline staff – localized e-learning content can be used by manufacturers to train their customer support staff about new tools, latest material handling protocols, updated safety procedures, revised business policies as well as revised manufacturing processes so that the support extended to the customers conform to the international standards.
  • Students – Localized e-learning content is used by institutions that offer training courses to students willing to learn new skills that would help them progress in their careers. Localized e-learning content enhances information retention among international students. The best part, e-learning localization can be used to localize course content, syllabi, as well as course catalogues!

How e-learning brands can benefit from e-learning localization?

e-learning brands can reap multiple benefits when they seek help from providers of e-learning localization services. Some of those benefits are mentioned in the sections below.

  • Localized e-learning content can increase the satisfaction rates of the targeted audience segments an e-learning organization plans on wooing. 
  • Localized e-learning content allows people to better understand the educational content in e-learning course materials.
  • Localized e-learning content allows e-learning brands to quickly penetrate and establish a strong foothold in targeted market segments.
  • e-learning content translation can also help brands and businesses retain their most valuable employees by indicating that the needs of individual employees are being prioritised by their respective employers.

E-learning localization is a necessity

When the people running e-learning organizations have the goal of expansion in their minds, then they must get in touch with a reputed provider of e-learning localization services like Shakti Enterprise. Shakti Enterprise is the right language service provider as it is not only ISO certified but also has been helping out e-learning institutions meet their respective business goals for a while now. To learn more about the e-learning localization services offered by Shakti Enterprise contact the language service provider today.

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