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Why Voice Over Services Are A Must For Video Localization?

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Video localization services

It has been established and proven multiple times that videos have become the perfect medium of communication for brands and businesses especially when it comes to connecting with targeted audience segments.

How important is it for brands to use videos to connect with clients and promote their offerings?

As per the spokesperson of a reputed provider of voice-over services in Bangalore, brands and businesses that use videos to connect with their clients and promote their offerings have more chances of grabbing the attention of their targeted audience segment as videos have a lot of dynamic elements such as noise and movement. In simple words, compared to other promotional mediums like radio jingles, and classified advertisements, videos are more capable when it comes to readily engaging with the targeted audience segment. On top of this, promotional videos end up compelling the targeted audience segment to take an emotion-based action such as subscribing to the services or buying the products offered by a brand or business.

But, can a video with only a single linguistic track can offer the best results for a brand or business?

No. For the best results, videos should be backed with video localization services like localized voiceovers.

Why voiceover services should be prioritised?

As per the CEO of a reputed language service provider that specializes in rendering quality-assured voice-over services in Delhi, more than seventy per cent of organic online traffic comes to the user touchpoints of a brand or business that relies heavily on video-based promotional collateral to promote its offerings to its target audience segments. 

Furthermore, video-based promotional collateral also enhances the overall experience current and prospective clients of a brand get when they interact with a brand using its apps, e-stores or official websites.

Which sectors of the global economy rely heavily on voiceovers?

The demand for English-Telugu voice-over services, for instance, is very high all over the globe as businesses associated with the –

  • The film industry
  • The e-learning industry
  • The gaming industry – heavily relies on localized voiceovers to enhance the reach and overall profit-making capabilities of their respective offerings.

What is the role of voice overs  in films, documentaries and e-learning content?

English-Malayalam voice-over services for instance, have time and again helped OTT platforms like Netflix to witness an increase in subscriber base and viewership base in emerging market segments like India for their original TV shows, documentaries and films that are made by creators who have created content in languages other than English or Hindi.

Multilingual voice overs have time and again helped creators to witness success in international market segments for their content. For instance, Money Heist – a Spanish TV show did not witness much success in Spanish-speaking nations. When the same TV show was localized using multilingual voiceovers, the show witnessed a massive spike in its overall popularity in emerging market segments like India and other Asian nations.

How did this happen?

Well, as per expert linguists, multilingual voiceovers help video content creators to improve their respective storytelling capabilities by several folds.

The same effect can be witnessed in the e-learning sector. Video-based e-learning content that is backed with English-Kannada voice-over services, for instance, tends to easily bring organic traffic to the user touchpoints of revered and upcoming e-learning brands expanding their respective interests in emerging markets like India.

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