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What are the different types of audiovisual translation?

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The primary mode of communication these days is audiovisual media. Multimedia mediums such as videos, audiobooks, podcasts, short video clips, etc. allow brands and businesses to better engage with their respective target audiences.

In this context, one must remember that compared to traditional mediums like classified advertisements; multimedia content is a bit costly to produce. Hence, businesses and brands around the world take help from providers of video and audio translation services, otherwise known as multimedia translation services. 

What is the meaning of audiovisual translation/multimedia translation services?

AV or Multimedia translation services are a specialized variation of localization services where the verbal, as well as visual components of AV promotional collateral, are localized in a bid to make the source content palatable for the target market segment. 

With the help of video and audio translation experts, marketing agencies can avail a lot of benefits. Some of those benefits are mentioned in the sections below – 

Impressive penetration of the business into its intended target market segment

AV localization ensures that the marketing message is readily understood by the target market segment. With the help of AV localization, brands can see to it that their products or services are easier to sell to the intended target market segment.

Accurate feedback generation from the target audience

AV localization services also allow entrepreneurs to keep tabs on the AV promotional campaigns by pointing out the performers from the non-performers. In simple words, not all AV promotional campaigns can be successful. Furthermore, keeping a non-performing AV promotional campaign alive is a cost that can be readily capped. With the help of AV localization services, non-performing AV promotional campaigns can be culled.


Well, AV localization experts can attach feedback message boxes in the e-store or other online portals of a brand they are working for. In this way, the owner of the brand can understand which AV content is getting more views and the ones that are not getting any engagement at all.

What are the different types of AV localization services?

The different forms of audiovisual localization services that we offer are –

Transcription services

The conversion of speech from a multimedia source file into text followed by the localization as well as translation of the text into the intended target language is known as transcription services. Our transcription services are ideal for entities associated with the corporate, legal, as well as medical sectors.

Voiceover services

Voiceover is the narration of a script by a voiceover artist who delivers the dialogues off-screen of a video source file. The voice overs are always pre-recorded and are embedded into the source file post-production in a bid to ensure that the source video file can be used nationally or globally for promotional purposes. Our voiceover services are ideal for documentary filmmakers, promotional content creators, online training courses, etc.

Captioning services

The process of splitting transcript text into caption frames followed by time-coding each caption frame so that they synchronize with the audio track of a video file is known as captioning. Our captioning services allow video content creators to make their content more accessible, engaging and attractive especially to those viewers who do not know the target language.

Subtitling services

Subtitles, in general, is defined as the transcriptions of a video created to ensure that the overall viewing experience of the video increases by many folds especially when the content will be catering to a multilingual or multinational target audience. Our subtitling services are ideal for video projects which will cater to viewers who do not understand the original language of the video.


AV translation and localization are a necessity for any brand with plans to go national or global. We have been associated with the localization sector for decades. If you have a project that you need our assistance with then feel free to contact us!

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