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Importance Of Indian Language Translation Services to the Travel Industry

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The tourism sector was hit pretty hard during the worst days of the COVID – 19 pandemic. However, the sector is slowly gaining traction thus allowing businesses associated with the sector to become profitable once again.

However, the worst days of the pandemic made it clear to entrepreneurs running hospitality enterprises that their official websites along with other online promotional collateral need to be translated into all leading languages recognized globally.

Incorporating translation services with the tourism (hospitality) sector allows entrepreneurs to reap several benefits. Some of the most appealing benefits of translation services designed for the tourism sector are as follows – 

Boost sales exponentially

With the help of professional language translation services, brands associated with the tourism sector can grow exponentially by offering content that conforms to the target market segment’s culture and offerings.

Since this is the age of globalization, it has become very important for hospitality brands to reach customers in a bid to boost sales by leveraging translation services especially when it comes to online promotional and marketing collateral.

For example – with the help of veteran translation agencies, a brand associated with the hospitality sector can make sure that its brochures for local tour packages are available in multiple languages so that their international clients can plan their itineraries with ease.

Make guests stay longer

Professional agencies specializing in offering Indian language translation services can help hospitality brands like a hotel to make their international guests stay longer with the help of multilingual online as well as offline promotional collateral. A guest that stays longer at a hotel would spend more money on – 

  • Food
  • Entertainment
  • Onsite facilities like the spa
  • Lodging, etc.

Get the idea!?

Customer services are enhanced 

The success of a hospitality brand lies in its ability to keep its local, national and international clients happy.

With the help of experts associated with agencies officering translation services in India, businesses belonging to the travel and tourism sector can see to it that they are rendering quality assured services to their clients by communicating seamlessly in multiple languages.

When customers can get the information they need in the language they are comfortable with, the satisfaction rate among the clients would increase by many folds.

Satisfied clients would entail – 

  • Better Google reviews
  • Better word-of-mouth promotion of the brand
  • Exponential increase in the brand’s reputation
  • Increased traffic to online portals
  • Increased traffic to social media accounts of the brand, etc.

Boost brand awareness factor by many folds

Translating the website of a business associated with the travel industry allows the brand to reach more people in a very short time and that too without spending exorbitantly.

It is no news that a travel and tourism business would need to cater to the requirements of international travelers. And it is natural for international backpackers to have little to no knowledge about native languages or even English for that matter. Sure, English is an international language but not everyone in every corner of the world is an expert in English. Hence, if the owner of a global hospitality business wants to make their brand a household name, it would be great if the content of their brand’s website is made available in all known (and popular) global languages.

Helps in attracting local talent

Translating the website of a brand that is associated with the travel and tourism industry allows the CTO of the brand to attract local talent. Hiring local people into a hospitality brand allows the same to grow exponentially.

To learn more about the importance of Indian language translation services in the tourism sector, get in touch with our translation experts now!


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