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Ultimate Guide to have Right iOS Localization

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Businesses use various methods to improve the revenue, and with the app becoming an important part of the marketing method, localization of the app is vital.

There are various operating systems globally, and iOS is the most important one. 1/4th of the global population uses iOS for personal and business purpose. This further helps companies to maximize the app revenue on iOS.

In the business world, iOS is largely being used because of its sophisticated platform and other reason. According to the recent study, US accounted for 28% of free download market and 34% of global revenue.

This certainly displays why businesses need to concentrate more on app localization services. With the number of mobile users is set to increase by 5.7 billion by 2020, the importance of app localization is extremely essential.

iOS is quite difficult when it comes to its development, and if the business wants iOS localization, then it could be more difficult.

Apple products like iPads and the iPhone are multi-lingual in nature, and they are so specific in a version that language update will appear automatically on an iOS device. Companies that offer services through iOS, localizing the apps is the best way.

Internationalization before Localizing:

Companies or developers before incorporating the iOS app language content with other country or region, it is important that the app is able to adapt in different languages.

For the success of the app in foreign markets, it must be developed in a native way that adopted according to the region or language of the country. This is only possible with internalization.

Once this is done, the app must have a specific language translation, which is known as the localization. There is a difference between the two which the developer and translator should know.

Thankfully, iOS offers a number of tools to speed up the app localization process. Some steps to follow for iOS app localization are:

  • Exporting and importing of language localization using standard file
  • Lock views in the user interface
  • Send exported filed for translators
  • Importing specific language localization files
  • Check certain changes and ensure the suitability through testing

Why iOS localization is important?

Importance of app localization for business is really high because it allows reaching a wider audience in the different region.

For instance, more than 25 iOS apps in Korea have Korean names in other Asian countries lay between 30% and 60%. Moreover, 50% of top 25% apps in Chin are in Chinese languages. This shows why iOS app localization is important.

If you release your app in different regions with the English language, then it could become difficult for getting more downloads and target audience.

Language Priorities for iOS Localization:

If your goal is to get commercial revenue from app development, then you need to create the marketing strategy through iOS localization and other methods. Reputed localization companies in India work on developing apps that are localized and gives the best result.

Benefits of iOS App Localization:

  • Extending the Customer Base:

One of the valuable assets of any business is to constantly increase the customer base. However, it is quite difficult to gain unless you have proper localization of apps which brings down the cultural barriers.

To get this done, it is important that mobile apps should be properly localized and the content has to adapt accordingly. Hire a professional app localization service in Mumbai that can handle the translation and localization of the app, especially for iOS.

  • Helps in Fast Entry to New Market:

With app localization, you can have fast entry to a new market, especially a global one. You can make the app available to countries where you want your business to reach and gain publicity.

So when developing the iOS app, it is important that the language is specific and has the ability to make an entry to a new market. In today’s time, localization and translation are quite fast and localization companies are updated with modern translation tools helping companies to reach faster.

  • Better Engagement with Audience:

One of the best ways to engage with the audience is through a localized app. Fully localized iOS app with adapted communication strategy gives a better way to engage with the audience.

Having a better understanding about the localization, you will notice higher engagement levels. Whether you are marketing your app to China or Non-English speaking country, then you need to localize or translate the app accordingly.

  • Helps to be Viral

One of the benefits of iOS app localization, or in that matter any app, businesses can experience a good viral. With having effective in-built growth mechanisms and accurate app translation, you can witness app growth in the country.

Once the app receives a good inflow of traffic, there is no more worry for the company to witness a viral. The better the app is localized, better will be the download result.

  • Diverse Customers:

One of the reasons why more and more companies are heading to iOS localization is because it has diverse customers globally. Not only India but non-English speaking countries where the market for iOS is high the app download will be high.

Upon localizing the iOS app, you can have a sense of confidence that the app will have diverse customers to use. These diverse customers can further help the company to gain more profit in all sense.

Best Markets for localizing the iOS app:

While localizing the iOS app, one should know that there are various languages spoken worldwide and the market of iOS is high. The best example is Canada, China, Europe, etc.

If your business wants to dominate different regions globally then localizing the app is important. A locale is a combination indicating both country and language. Before localizing the content of your iOS, it is important to understand the target market where you want your app to dominate.

Once you are confident about the market you are targeting, you can invest in iOS app localization by joining hands with respective localizing or translation company.

Hiring the right company:

When you have decided to invest in localizing your iOS app, then you need a company that can handle the project perfectly. If you are looking for a translation company, then Shakti Enterprise is the one whom you must connect with.

Shakti Enterprise, one of the leading app localization services in Mumbai, offers a complete service of iOS app localization and translation for businesses that majorly deals in iOS app development.

Using modern localization tools and other methods, Shakti Enterprise helps in translation and localization apps dealing with Gaming, SMS, GPS, etc. From string translation to Icon Translation and Quality Check, this company offers a complete service to clients.

Connect now and get your iOS app localized.

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