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Top 7 Facts about Website Translation you must know

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A website which has clear and concise content is the one that attracts mass traffic. Irrespective of the language the website has, the message should reach its audience. In the age of globalization, the more you define your service and speak customer language, more is the chance of earning a quality result. Websites have the capacity to reach a larger area and if you want to keep users of non-English engage to your website, and then localizing your site is the best way. Website content translation is now becoming an important part of making your site user-friendly. You can translate your website content to meet the marketing materials and users.

However, the website localization service provider needs to ensure that texts aren’t the only to translate, but white papers, infographics, brochures and other materials in the site must be translated which can be an immense task.

Translation services in India offer complete website localization or translation service to meet the need of local web users.

The need for website translation:

If you run a small or medium-sized enterprise and have the website to represent the service, then you need to communicate every type of visitors. For marketing purpose, website translation is important so that web owners can reach their target market. In a broader sense, translated websites are cornerstone helping owners to achieve the goal of marketing.

Some of the reasons to have website translations:

  • Keep Growing:

You need to keep growing to a new marketplace that will help in increasing the financial side of the company. This will happen when you reach a market beyond English speaking customers.

  • Strengthen your Brand:

Creating a positive impression on customers is the best way to reach the market. Tailor your message according to the website brand using the right language of visitors. The entire look of the website must describe the culture of the country.

  • No Choice but to Translate:

Companies that take the service to new place need to abide the rules and language of the respective country. So the website has to translate the content according to the language of the region.

Problem with Online Translation Apps:

An average business owner may not have the idea and finance to hire translation service provider. Hence, they end up using online translation apps, which may not be entirely useful. The major problem with these online translation apps is they do not take into account the content of the content based on word-for-word translation. If there any terminology in your website, then it can certainly give a negative impression towards the reader and also can affect the traffic.

Now let us get into some interesting facts about website translation:

As mentioned above, website sets an impression among the readers and so it has to be perfect in terms of content and language used to present the service. Here are some facts:

  1. Not Restricted to English Speaking:

The Internet isn’t restricted to English speaking people but used by native people of non-English users. So the website translation needs to be done in different languages. This certainly helps the website to reach a wider audience and help in marketing purpose.

  1. Helps in Communicating:

Translating your website into different languages is the best way to communicate with the target audience. Whether you are launching your service in France, then translating your website content into French is the best way to promote the service. Website content translation services offer complete service to translate the content of the site.

  1. Value to the Customer:

Having a multi-lingual website is one way of displaying your value towards customers. Visitors will visit and stay on your website if it has a native language that can help them to shop around. Valuing your customer with right service is the best way to earn traffic and increase your presence in the web world.

  1. Building Trust:

Language is the best way to build trust and increase value among customer. Offering an alternate language will help web owners to make customers understand their business. A website that has the capacity to build trust will certainly go a long way.

  1. Expansion in the International Market:

A website that has multi-language content has the best chance to reach international market and communicate with different customers. For instance, if you want to expand your business to China or France from India, then creating a multi-language website will defiantly help in gaining access to these countries.

  1. No Cultural Barriers:

One of the important aspects of website translation is to break the cultural barriers. Language and understanding the culture of the specific country is an important aspect of the business which the website translation can help. A web user will find more comfortable in browsing the website if the language and vocals fit the region.

  1. Cost Effective Method:

Hiring a website content translation services will help in bringing the cost of marketing, apart from the website. Using the content effectively to match with the people and their mindset will certainly help to bring the cost. However, it is important to look for best online translation services that will help in bringing down the cost and reach the target audience.


Translation services in India are doing their best to help companies in reaching their target audience and expand the business by offering website translation. Shakti Enterprise one of the leading website Translation services offers a complete solution for websites translated according to the respective region. Backed by the team of professionals, Shakti Enterprises uses modern tools and ensure the website translation services cost is less. So get your website translated to reach global culture.

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