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2018_ The Year of Multilingualism

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2018_ the year of multilingualism

The beginning of New Year is always a time to take stock and look forward with optimism. In order to act upon your goal, you need to think and plan. Once the plan is ready, we make our effort to implement. Communication plays a key role in successful implementation. To whom you want to communicate and what you want to communicate is known. But whether your communication results in positive response depends on the language, media, and the message.

Plan your 2018 communication strategy and reach out to the global market by considering the top five Languages listed below.

  1. Mandarin

With more than 955 million speakers, Mandarin, one of the five major dialects of Chinese, claims the top spot as the world’s most common language. Mandarin is the official language of China and Taiwan and one of the four official dialects of Singapore

For nearly 15% of world’s population, Mandarin is the native language.

This year make Chinese the top-most important language in your multi-lingual communication strategy.

  1. Spanish

With more than 500 million speakers spread across the world, Spanish has overtaken English to become the second most spoken language. Spanish is spoken mostly in Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar in Europe and in Mexico and USA in America.

Spanish is the fastest growing language.

This year consider Spanish website for your global communication strategy and reap dividends.

  1. English

English is definitely the most influential language. It is spoken by more than 360 million native English speakers and understood by more than half a billion people worldwide. English can never be ignored as it acts also a link language for other language groups and for international business and travel around the world. This does not mean English alone will do the job of connecting with Non-English native speakers. In order to connect you need to speak in customers’ language.

This year consider multi-lingual marketing strategy for connecting with your target audience effectively.

  1. Hindi

This year, the Government of India through their Educational Policy and other Government to Government communication as well as Digital drive is making Hindi as a priority language. Google estimates that by the year 2021, content consumption in Hindi on the Internet will be more than that of English

Hindi is one of the 23 official languages of India and definitely the commonly spoken language in India. For over 350 million Indians it is the native language. Can you afford to avoid Hindi for reaching out to these millions?

This year provided a budget for localization of your website and translation of documents as well as corporate communication from English to Hindi.

  1. Arabic

Arabic spoken by 295 million speakers worldwide is also the language of the Muslim holy writing and the Quran.  The total number of Arabic speakers covers about 4.23% of world population.

The Arab League is rich in resources, with enormous oil and natural gas reserves. The region’s instability has not affected its tourism industry, which is considered the fastest growing sector in the region, with Egypt, the UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Jordan leading the way. Another industry that is growing steadily in the Arab League is telecommunications.

This year, there would be greater opportunity to penetrate in the Arabic league nations with your language strategy oriented to include Arabic.

Partner with professional translation service provider for all your language needs.

Shakti Enterprise for global language solution and Bhasha Bharati Arts for Indian language solution together can ensure that your strategic goals for multi-lingual communications are taken care of.

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