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3 Must-Have Skills To Become A Successful Marketing Translator

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Translations of marketing materials, product descriptions and promotional campaigns, among other tactics, have to sell and win over your target market. A native marketing translator can only achieve this.

A marketing translator has to be fluent in at least two languages, but aside from this, he must also possess additional skills. Let us know the top 3 skills which a translator has to possess to succeed in his marketing document translations.

1. Cultural Knowledge

Marketing involves identification of new markets, connecting with the target customers and catering to the needs of local consumers.

Translator must therefore possess cultural knowledge of the target market. This includes understanding of local traditions, local consumer preferences and behavior of the target audience.

Language is connected to culture and the translation would be accurate if the translator knows what specific words to use. Therefore, he must be able to use the right expressions, colloquialisms and common words that are relevant to the target audience.

2. Analytical Mind

A professional marketing translator should have an analytical mind. He needs to analyze the source document to discuss the actual translation requirement of the client. The translator can discuss with the client, what should be done with the translation – things to add/ alter, or what cannot be translated into the local language. The translator can also share his views about the local market behavior.

3. Adaptation

In this method, the translator not only translates but also injects his creativity while adapting the content from one language to another. This means that the translator here must make the marketing material as compelling as the original.

While translating, he must make sure that the original message is not lost. He can indicate the changes in layout, colors and images to adapt the marketing material to target market preferences.

These are the set of skills needed to become a professional marketing translator and these specialized skills will help in the success of marketing translation career.

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