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5 Ways How Human Translation Wins Over Machine Translation

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Translation services in India are growing rapidly. It is one of the fastest-growing industries, as more companies are looking to build business opportunities overseas. Depending on your project goals, you have two options when it comes to your business content translation: Machine Translation (MT) And Human Translation.

Human translation is the best form of translating any document, be it business documents, manuals, promotional materials, websites or magazines.

Machine translation is carried out by a computer. It is the simplest form of translation, allowing users to choose the base and target languages. Unlike human translation, machine translation cannot take into account the grammar, idioms and cultural aspects of the content. Therefore, the original meaning of the content is not preserved in machine translation.

The global machine translation market size is expected to reach USD 983.3 million by 2022, according to a new study by Grand View Research, Inc., exhibiting a 14.6% CAGR during the forecast period.

Human Translation V/S Machine Translation

1. Style And Tone

For a translation to be accurate, it is vital to convey a proper tone. At times, vocabulary is not the best fit. For example, there is a tonal difference between “surprise” and “shock” or “happy” and “lucky”. Machines fail to understand these nuances. Humans can convey the exact meaning of the words keeping the style and tone in mind.

2. Cultural Sensitivities

Every culture has different values. While performing translations, it is vital to consider different cultural norms and values. A human translator keeps himself updated and is familiar with the know-how while dealing with culturally sensitive content. Machines cannot focus on cultural sensitivity while carrying translation work.

3. Words With Multiple Meanings
Many words have multiple meanings based on the context where they are used. For example, the word “nails” are parts of your finger, whereas it also indicates a sharp metal piece used in construction. In this way, one word can have various meanings. A human translator can understand the meaning of a particular word in the context where it is used whereas a machine cannot understand this.

4. Quality Translations

As the human translator understands the cultural sensitivity, tone, style, idiomatic phrases of the language, they can deliver quality translations. Machines cannot understand the nuances and ideas behind the original content. Therefore, if you require quality translations, hiring a human translator is a logical choice.

5. Translation Types

Machines provide a literal conversion of phrases which sometimes lead to the mistranslation of idioms. A literal translation is also called as word-for-word translation. A human translator can interpret the cultural component, a linguistic and semantic factor present in the source text. This results in an accurate translation of the content.

When Is Human Translation Necessary?

1. The project demands accuracy
2. Quality is your top-most priority
3. The idea of human communication is vital for you.

When Will You Require Machine Translation?

1. The content for translation is not creative
2. When you have a bulk of content and general meaning is enough
3. Documents for internal use within a company

We Understand The Translation Industry

When you choose professional translation service over machine translation, you get not only the best quality translation but also a comprehensive proficiency of both languages and content. Looking for a professional translation services in India? Your search is over.

We, at Shakti Enterprise, can assist you in executing your translation plan. For nearly three decades, we have assisted organizations of all sizes to address their language-access needs, including translation, localization, and interpretation. With our team of professional translators and interpreters, we have consistently delivered the best quality language translation services in Mumbai & all over India.

Shakti Enterprise ensures that your content can reach anyone, in any language. If you’re interested in building a global customer base, get in touch with us.

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