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How Translation Agencies can help your Business?

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In the age globalization, businesses are readily connecting to clients across the globe. Irrespective of the language spoken, businesses are serving multiple target-language markets to widen the customer base. However, when it comes to the language, corporate companies usually turn towards translation service that works as a helping hand. Technology has driven the business to whole new level and so is the translation service. India being the major outsourcing market has always been offering great translation service business across the globe. Translation agencies in India have a defined process and use modern translation tools that make the work much easier and faster.

It does make sense to outsource business translation to an outsourcing company that backed by skilled professionals.

Why is Translation so Important?

  • There are certain percentages of people who speak English and rest their respective national language. Business can’t let go a chance of joining hands with a non-speaking country. So the requirement of translation service becomes important.
  • The Internet has far reached and non-English speaking people transacting over the internet has grown. So websites need to have multi-language content.
  • Literary texts and books need translation into various languages to reach wider book reading buyers.

Offshoring or Outsourcing Translation Service:

Both offshore and outsourcing translation method carries its own benefits for business. If your business employs in-house translators, then the process might be like this:

  • The marketing team will produce the new document
  • The document is then sent to the in-house translator who starts working on it
  • Once done, the document is sent back to the department for publication.

If translation agency is hired, then:

  • The marketing team will produce the document which will be sent to the agency
  • Agency then selects the best translator and sends the document
  • Translator convert the document and sends back to the agency
  • After doing the QC, the document is sent back for the publication

Many small and medium-sized businesses are hiring translation agencies because of the flexibility in work and low cost. Hiring a full-time translator requires finance investment and separate hiring process. However, there will be a mismatch in terms of quality and readability. In future, if the business tie-up rises with non-English speaking clients, then the workload grows and company may have to hire a new translator. The best thing is to sign a deal with translation agency that works the best on your behalf.

An advantage of Translation Agencies for Business:

The translation agency takes care of your translating documents with the help of professionals, which is an added bonus.

  • Flexibility in the Work: Translation agencies work with independent freelance translators having immense potential to work on different languages. These translators are flexible and agencies take care of vetting their skills, allowing you to take the benefits.
  • Technical Translation Services: Many companies, especially IT service providing companies have technical text and jargons that needs to be translated. These translated texts are turned into brochures and web content. With the help of translation software, such technical documentation is translated as per the language required.
  • Immense Breadth of Expertise: Translation agencies hire expert translators who can work upon business languages and jargon that can bring positive revert from the client. Professional translator knows how to handle a different aspect of translation job.
  • Additional Services: The best thing about outsourcing the business translation work to agencies is, they offer additional services including proofreading and examining the terminology.


Many business owners may thing; they can handle the translation work- but why bother when you’ve professional translation services? Relying on outsourcing companies like Shakti Enterprise, one of the professional translation agencies in Mumbai Delhi India will certainly help in connecting your business different cultures globally. Being a leading translation agency, we deal with native translators to give out the perfect work for long-term business.

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