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How to Reduce cost of Translation?

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There are many ways to reduce a cost of translation. The first step is to get your content ready for translation so that it is localized for the language of the Market

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Here are some of the methods useful for considering.

1. Reduce source content

The cost of translation is calculated on the basis of the number of words in the source file. One way of reducing translation cost is to edit the source document in such a way that only relevant portions of communication that are relevant for target population is included for translation task. This will mean spending some time and cost of doing the edited version of a source file. But it will not only reduce the overall cost of translation but also enable effective communication.

For example, an automobile giant having the manual for automobile parts will not translate the entire content in Tamil for catering to Tamilnadu if many of the parts are not applicable to that market. Similarly, a mature market will not require basic education or concept selling. These can be removed or edited in such a way that precise source file is done before handing over the document for translation.

2. Localize the content

  1. Tailor source content in such a way that cultural nuances are considered right at the time of writing copy. Go through the content and reduce copy in such a way that it goes with the culture of a target market. This will be a great help while translating for the local audience.

For example, a cookbook for international market will have many pages with recipe common for all market. But a localized cookbook will include only those recipes that are popular and include specialized recipe which is popular and relevant for such specific market.

3. Think International

Avoid culture sensitive visuals or copy. If your source document is done in such as that it is adaptable to a different culture, it will make the translation task easier. Images, colors, and the tone of matter have to consider before venturing into country-specific translation.

4. Visuals sometimes express strongly

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you are dealing with international readers, saying it with pictures, diagrams and other graphics devices, may explain what you want to convey better than huge copy explaining the process or technical support. Words are important but they play a supportive role. Only use text when you have to, or when it is the most effective means of getting your message across.

5. Plan Ahead

If your company has its eye on markets abroad, start looking for translators well in advance. Go through the credentials, reference work was done by them and ask questions. It is worth paying a little extra for proofreading. And finally, it is better to give sufficient time to ensure quality adherence at all stages of a translation project.

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